Sunday, November 4, 2012

News from NJ after Hurricane Sandy

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!! I'm alive! Woo Hoo! What a few couple of days it has been. I don't even know where to begin. Crazy stories thats for sure. Cleaning poop from the tub/toilet, trying to steal a couch from the Elders, having 4 more sisters stay at our house, and cleaning up the crazy mess.

 I dont have a whole lot of time so this one might be a tad bit short but hopefully I'll be able to catch up a lot. We started hearing about it on Thursday and kinda making some preparations but not a whole lot. We didn't know exactly what was going on electronics. No TV no nothin!

 Tuesday we had a district meeting and went and visited members and had dinner with them. The ward here is incredible. They are so nice and so awesome. Wednesday was so cool! We were up in Parsippany and we were walking around trying to find someone to find and so as we were walking Sister Dicou said: "Okay, pick a number?" So I said: "Okay, um 13." And then she said okay "Letter A". So we were at an apartment complex and went to go find 13A. As we found it we walked up to the door and saw a Romney Ryan sign in his door. As we knocked on this door a man came out. We started talking with him and found out he plays the organ for the Catholic church and very good at playing the piano. We continued talking and then got a return appointment with him. As we walked away we were so excited and so happy we found a new investigator. Sadly enough, we were supposed to go back on Monday but it was the middle of the storm so we couldn't go back but we're planning on it. Anyway, that was awesome. Thursday was walking day and we did our regular appointments and then found another new investigator. It was incredible. That sunday before the week we fasted to find new people to teach and we found almost one new investigator everyday. It's incredible to see that fasting really work when we fast for a purpose.

So I'm going to skip to this week because I'm almost out of time. Sunday we were teaching and got word that some Sisters in Jersey City were going to have to be exacuated and as well as some Sisters in New Brunswick. So we got 4 new sisters in our apartment. Of course we needed to get a couple more mattresses so we went and stole them from the Elders apartment because they were going to stay at the mission home. I carried a mattress up by myself which was pretty cool. I have pictures but I'll have to send them next week. After that we thought we had a great 'strategy' and go and steal the couch from the Elders because theirs was so much better than ours. So, we carried down our couch, (took a Friends shot on it) and carried it up to their apartment. Little did we know their big couch wouldn't fit outside the door. So it was stuck, it was hilarious and so much fun. Moral of that story: don't move anything until you have a "strategy". It was so great. Monday we were cooped up in the house and couldn't leave AT ALL. We got kinda crazy. But we made flautas, smoothies and then pumpkin chocolate chip cookies because we still had power. The storm started coming around 6 with strong winds and rains. It started getting dark and I introduced Grant the Game to them. THEY LOVED IT! We were playing and all of a sudden the power went out. We went into a brown out (really dim lighting) But didn't lose complete power. THANKFULLY. The storm continued all through the night and I did see a tree fall right outside our apartment that pulled down a power line. It was crazy to see the damage but it reminded me of the wind storm. We went to bed with loud winds. The next morning we woke up and were all just hanging out in the room and all of a sudden heard this HUGE BOOM! Another power line out. It was crazy. We had to stay inside Tuesday as well. We started going crazy, played more Grant the Gam and never have I ever. Wednesday we finally got to LEAVE! And we went to the mission home and showered and then went and did service. We actually didn't do any but yesterday we got to finally help move trees and rake leaves. We got awesome pictures that I will send next week.
I can't wait to get out and serve more people. This is what I love to do. I can't wait. The sisters that have been staying with us are incredible. Sister Lowry (from Canada :) ), Sister Santos from Florida, Sister Herrera (from Arizona) and Sister Petersen (from California) They are all spanish Hermanas and so great.

Oh yeah, and we're definitely in a state of emergency, gas lines are crazy long just to get gas because the power is out all over and people are using generators to function. We waited an hour in a half for gas today. It was madness and still is.

But I'm okay and well. I've been having a headache for quite a while now and getting sick, but i'm functioning and trying to do the best work I can. I'm grateful for your prayers and all the support.

The church is true. New Jersey is great and beautful and I love you all.

I will send pictures next week. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back. We got to come to the mission home and email so I'm grateful for the President.

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