Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tranfer to New York and new companion.

Well well well......first things first. Let me mention I'm living in NEW YORK!!!! Say Wha???? Yeah pretty crazy. That's where I was transferred to. Kinda cray cray but it's so exciting! Tell you all about it....first let me give you my new address so you can all write me :) 249 N Middletown Rd Apt 7A Nanuet, NY 10954 There ya go! I will say just send packages (if you do to the mission office because there's no where to put the packages. So send them to the Mendham address.

Zone meetings are great. They are just with the whole zone (which consists of about 2 districts) and it's just another meeting where the zone leaders train us on things. They happen once a month and we have a new monthly focus every month. The whole mission has the same monthly focus but then there's zone goals on top of the monthly focus. Let me just say it's a lot of new goals every month, but definitely things to work towards. I love the monthly focus on rely on the spirit, it's exactly what I need this month because being doubled into a new area is kinda nerve-racking. But I'm alive and well.

As for stories you can tell the many miracles have I seen out here in New Jersey. I would love for you to tell the ward I say hello and I hope that all of them are doing good. I would love it if you shared about the Perez family. That is the family we really worked on getting back to church and yes we made the chain with them. They are so amazing. Sarah, one of the girls was crying when I was saying goodbye to her on last Monday. That just warms my heart, seeing that I made a difference in their lives.

As for the weather, it's been beautiful. Today it's been really rainy but it hasn't been to cold. I've definitely been blessed because of the warmth and not the cold :)

Alright, now to this past weeks has been absolutely crazy let me tell ya.
Monday was my last day in Morristown and it was a crazy one. We were running all over trying to say bye to people. We went to sister Gurney's and had lunch with her. I love her so much, she's great. Then we went and did the fear buster with all the new missionaries coming in. There were so many girls and all so young! Ahhh I love it. I paired up with Sister Ward from Kaysville and Sister Houser from Logan. We met some interesting people on the streets but it was all fun. We didn't contact so many people but it was great. We went to the Chase's for dinner after that and we had Chinese food. It's something about chinese food and fortune cookies that just answers all my worries and my prayers. The fortune I got was "Trust yourself. You know more than you think." Boom! Knowing that I was being doubled in, training to a new area, that comforted me. We went and said bye to the Perez family and Darsi. They were quick goodbye's but meaningful. Darsi told us she was crying because of the letter I wrote her. She's incredible. More stories about her later.

Tuesday was another crazy day. Transfer conference! We ran to the doctor for Sis Mo and then off to training meeting and then transfer conference. It was an exciting time and then came the time to find out our new companions. Drumroll pleasee.......ahadkhadkghgakdghadglhag my new companion is SISTER WARD haha the one from Kaysville Utah! Go Figure! Ha It's sweet though. I'm so excited I get to train her. I actually already knew who I was going to be training because she was going to come out two weeks later because of some medical stuff but she's great and I love her!  She knows all of the same people I do which is so comforting because we can talk about people from back home. Tara Anderson, Macy Roosendal and so many others. She's a runner which I'm stoked about because now I can go running again in the morning! Woo hoo!!!!! She's great. She's kinda quiet but she's got a strong testimony of this gospel. It's incredible to see God's children answering the call to serve, I love it! But anyway, we got to transfer conference and found out we were going to be doubled into New City New York! It's so crazy to think we're living in New York right now but it's so cool. I love it. The area was split so now the elders are strictly spanish and they are in a trio. It's been such a blessing to have them in a trio because they really helped us out with being doubled in. The Elder that was already in the area is also from Kaysville, Elder Benson. So there's three Kaysville-ites, and two Mexicans. It's fabulous! And we'll be getting a new senior couple in this week so they went from 2 elders, (spanglish) to 7 missionaries up here. Stuff is about to happen! That's for sure! And it's so exciting.

So we packed up our BRAND NEW 2013 Chevy Cruze (with only like 40 miles), I'm talkin brand new (and NO TIWI!!!!!! haha) and drove up to New York. We got to our apartment and found out they gave us the wrong keys. They gave us the keys to the senior couples apartment. So we had an appointment Elder Benson set up so we kept our stuff there and went and met a member, sister Jarrett. she's great. Jamaican. We got back and figured out the key situation and got into our apartment. It's so great. I love my new place! I'll send pictures next week. It's been really crazy getting used to and I've felt overwhelmed at some points because I really don't know what I'm doing as a trainer but I'm trying and the Lord sees that. I know I'm going to be humbled as I train and I'm excited to become more consecrated to the Lord. So the next couple days were just trying to get our bearings set with the new area and try to figure out places on the map, ward members, investigators and all that jazz. And you know, I haven't have a break down yet about all this stuff. I'm excited to have a clean slate up here and come in on fire and help people come closer to Christ. It's amazing. Our weekly planning session took like no joke 6 hours because we were trying to figure all the stuff out. But it was definitely needed. Ps. Happy Valentine's day to all you LOVE BIRDS. And that's all of you I'm sending this too. Hope you had a great day with your loved ones. :) bahhahaha corny! Anyway and a Happy Birthday to Samuel Webb. Be expecting a card in a few days! Hope you like it hahaha :)

We actually have a baptism this Sunday of two young Haitian men here. They are so prepared and so ready to enter into the waters of baptism. It's so exciting. Eli and Emanuel. We met them this past week. We have a couple more investigators and are hoping to find more this week. Still trying to get used to this area. We have a nice old woman, Anne, that lives right next to us and she had us over for lunch. She's from Hungary and very sweet. she was so exciting to have us move in. She's sweet.

Miracle story of the week: So we had plans to go and see a less-active member and so we headed over to her apartment. We realized we didn't have an apartment number, nor did we know how we were going to get into the building. We decided to try anyway so Sister Ward offered such an amazing faithful prayer. As we got out of the car and started walking to the building, there was a lady, Patty, who was standing outside after walking her dog. She asked us who we were and then saw our badges and asked "oh, are you here to see Linda?" And we said yes, she said "oh she lives on my floor, let me show you where she lives" Boom miracle! We got to her door and heard someone singing kareoke and knocked on the door. She answered and was shocked to see us but let us right in. I know we were supposed to meet Sister DaSilva that day. Awh man, I already love her so much! She's so incredible. We visited her last night and she read me like a book, she said I would be a good correctionals officer "/ I was shocked. But she did that for quite some time and said I would be good at it. Who knows, we'll see. But she's great and we've started a great bond with her. We were about to leave and she asked us if she could sing us a song....of course I'm going to let her serenade us. :) So she sang us "Live like you were Dying" by Tim Mcgraw. Let's just say we have a return appointment with her next week and you know what we're doing......... KAREOKE!!!! BOOM BABY! I LOVE IT! I love being a missionary.

We went to church and it was a lot different than Morristown. The ward needs work and strength. We bore our testimonies and I'm so excited to be here in New City. It's an exciting time to be a missionary. I met a lady, Sister Mendez, who's son is in the Ventura Mission. (I guess that) Then she said he was serving in an area for quite some time. I said "Bakersfield" and she said "Yeah, how did you know?" I gave her names of people in Bakersfield her son can go and try and find. I gave her Tyrone Taylor's name and who knows. So it's interesting dad, you telling me about the basketball team this week. Revelation!

I know that this church is true. I'm so grateful to be a member. As I've read in the Book of Mormon this week I've been truly touched. I just read today when Jesus Christ comes to the America's in 3 Nephi and I love reading that and feeling the spirit so strong. I know that New City is where I need to be at this time in my mission, with Sister Ward. Our testimonies are going to strengthen the people here. I can't wait to see what's in store for us. I love it. I love it. I love it. I've already met some incredible people and it's been such a blessing to me.

Before I end, I'd like to tell you the update on Darsi. So she has been telling us that she's getting ready to go to the temple for the first time. Sister Morrison and I thought it was to recieve her endowment, but no it was just for baptisms. She goes this week and we're so excited for her to experience that. Like I said Sister Morrison and I thought it was for her endowment but after finding out it was for baptisms, she told Sister Morrison that she is going to wait until June so we can be her escorts through the temple for the first time. When Sister Morrison told me that, my heart melted. I'm changing people's lives out here. My example is being seen from people here. It kinda makes me wanted to cry with gladness that she wants Sister Morrison and I to be her escorts. Her daughter, Chanty (who's 22), is being taught and wants to be baptized. Sister Morrison told me today that Chanty noticed my example and looks up to me. It's just those little things that are incredible to hear. Man I just love it!

I love all of you so much! I hope you all have such a fabulous week full of miracles and the spirit! I pray for you every night! I love you!

Sister Taylor

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Address

Sister Taylor got transferred this past week and we do not have a current address for her yet, so if you send her anything please send it to the Mendham address which is under her complete profile on this blog.  Her new address will be posted as soon as we know it.  Thanks everyone for supporting Sister Taylor.

February 11, 2013

Well I'm slightly freaking out but slighty so excited for tomorrow! I'll tell you more about it as I go on, but just a quick heads up...I'm being transferred tomorrow so if you could let people know my address is going to change and not to send stuff to the lindsley dr address that'd be great.

I think it'd be best if I just write about my week and add all the details in as I type then I know I won't miss anything. To say the least, this week has been absolutely crazy. I wrote in my journal I'm starting to feel swamped with the work and packing everything up but it's all okay. It'll all work out.

Okay, so Monday was such a great day. We had a sister with us because her companion is leaving this transfer. We went to a members home, Sister Gurney and hung out with her and did laundry there because we've kinda ran out of money (well really, we're getting new cards so there is no money on them, so she's been so kind to let us do laundry) But it was pretty fun. I love her so much and am really going to miss her. But that's the great thing about I'll definitely be back and see all these wonderful people that have touched my life. We also got to see Sister Galuvao and take her back to Jersey City last Monday. She's heading back to Temple Square (Dad) so you should really go and try to find her and introduce yourself. She'd love it andn probably expecting it. :) The traffic was so bad so we were late to our dinner appointment. The picture that I sent of the cutest little girl is the one I made cry. We finally got to there house and she wouldn't let her parents start eating until the "missionaries" got there. It was so cute. So we were eating really good meatballs and rice and she was eating some bread and she started talking with her mouth full. So I told her (almost with my mouth full) we shouldn't talk with our mouth full. She looked at her mom and her mom said, don't start crying and she lost it...I felt sooooo bad! And then the rest of the night she was giving me glares. I guess you could say I was getting her back because it was the same girl that flipped me off last transfer. It was pretty funny to say the least. That was the Gonzolez family, such a cute family. I love them! I'll probably say that a lot in this email. After dinner we went to see Darsi.

Tuesday was a little different than usual. We had our zone meeting and it was so good. I love zone meetings because the spirit is so strong there. Our new monthly focus is on rely on the Holy Ghost (Which I'm going to need a lot of this next transfer). We went and ate lunch and then had to head to the doctors for Sister Morrison to get some work done. He was pretty far away, but he's a member so he sees us for free. Sister Morrison had to get some blood work done and she hates needles. She got really pale and it was scaring me. They had to poke her quite a few times to find a vein but finally got one. We traveled back to Mo-town and that was pretty much the bulk of the day.

Wednesday is when we meet with Joann. She's an incredible person! She might ahve been baptized but doesn't remember so we are still teaching her as if she's an investigator. We asked her if she isn't a member would she be baptized and she said yes. It's a complicated situation but I'll keep you updated about her from Sister Morrison. She asked us to be her sons God-mothers....Kinda intesnse. But she's really cool. We went and helped cleaned the church for an hour or so with the Relief Society women. We cleaned the stand in the chapel. As I was cleaning it reminded me of working in the tabernacle and how all of these places are for the Lord. It made me think about how much harder I could've worked in the Tabernacle because they are all houses of the Lord. It was great to go do that though and really take time to clean the chapel. We went and visited Bonny that day and talked to her about Love and Charity. She's rock-solid. I love her and am going to miss her so much too. We went and got some frozen yogurt for dinner (dont judge about what we eat) :) and met a really nice cool young girl working there. We stroke up a converstation and she was a little weirded out because of how nice we were. But it was really cool. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she kept asking all these questions. We were going to go back and visit her on Saturday but the Blizzard of 2013 came. More about that later.

Thursday was a good day of teaching. We taught a lot of less-actives and recent converts. And it was really good. One in particular is Angelo....quick story about him. He became a member about 1 year and a half ago. His life completely changed once he was baptized. He's divorced and from Greece but his ex and his son live there. He's been searching for someone to date and a unique opportunity came about from his boss. His boss is from Vietnam and wanted Angelo to meet one of his wife's cousins or they exchanged information and started skyping and getting to know each other...not speaking the same language or anything but translating it and everything. He told her he was a Mormon and introduced the Book of Mormon to her and they began reading it over skype. So a week ago or so he got back from Vietnam. Completely in LOVE! He showed us all the pictures from his trip and is now engaged! Now for me, I was a little skeptical about it (as probably a lot of people) but he's going about it so well and really letting her know religion means so much to him. So he's heading back there in the summer and then going to get married in Vietnam or something like that later on in the year. It's a crazy cool story (Hope you enjoy it Liz) haha

Anyway after we saw him we went out to dinner with Darsi and a referral she gave us. It was good and the good was really yummy. It was quite an expensive place but i was really pleased with myself because I got like the cheapest thing on the menu and it was really yummy! Woo hoo!

Also on Thursday night, we both got a call that we were going to be training this next transfer! My situation was a wee bit unique but not too much anymore. President told me that I was going to be training but my companion is sick and wasn't going to come out for another 2 weeks. He said I'd be in a trio until she got here and then move to a new area. But on Friday I got another call and President told me she's still coming out so I'm being doubled in to a new area tomorrow! Wish me a lot of luck! I'm going to need it...also before I forget we got a list of all the sisters and elders coming in and there's one from Kaysville. Sister Ward I believe! Definintely excited for that!!! WOOOO.

Throughout the week we kept being told this is going to be a bad snow storm. and boy did we get DUMPED on! It started Friday morning and didn't stop all day! Darsi insisted we stay at her house because we really didn't have any food. So we stayed with Darsi on Friday night! It was a blast. (Don't worry we got permission :)) It was good to spend time with her.

We woke up early on Saturday and started digging ourselves out of the snow. There was so much! It was awesome! We had our trainers meeting on Saturday and there were ten sisters there and 15 elders there to train! 25 new missionaries! All probably young ones. President said we're starting a new era and us trainers are the lucky ones. I'm so ready to train. I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to be exactly obedient, because I Know that brings blessings. I'm excited. I know it'll be hard but we're both going to struggle together and get through it with trust in the Lord. After the meeting we went to go say bye to Cary. I told her you were going to send her a thank you card Jody so you better haha :) She's very sweet and I'm going to miss her. I hope she continues to study the gospel and see that it can bring blessings to her life. We went to the Perez home and did a health lessons....after eating steak and coke :/ But it was good. I actually got up to six minutes on my plank! Support really helps. I love that family. They've made such a big change in there life with getting back to church. It's incredible! I love it so much!

Sunday was such a good day. It was kinda sad because it was my last Sunday in the ward but it definitely was a good one. We taught seven lessons after church. We were going going going. We had dinner with the Young's and had some really really good food. I don't even know what it was but boy it was yummy!

We get to go do the Fear Buster again today. My 4th in 4 transfers! I can't believe I hit my 4 month mark out here and in a couple of days I'll have been out on my mission for 5 months! Times flies. It truly does. I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve a mission. I'm ready for this upcoming transfer. I know I'm going to struggle but it's all going to be okay when we put the trust in the Lord. This past week I read and finished Alma and almost Helaman. I read about the 2000 stripling warriors and I reemembered on the 24th of July during the parade. I've shared that with some people here and I remember the spirit I felt when those men marched down the street. It's indredible to learn from the Book of Mormon and strengthen my testimony about it. I love this gospel so much. I know my Heavenly Father loves me. I feel like I have so much more to say but I've already said so much! The work is great! The Book is True! I'm so grateful for all your support. I'll keep saying it! Love you so much! Talk to you next week, in a new area with a new companion! I'll let you know my address next week to so you can send letters there! ;) Love you so much!

Sister Christine Taylor

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 4, 2013

Well well well, what a roller coaster of a week it has been. I have so much to talk about and I hope I can get everything in. Thank you for all the letters and emails and pictures of everything. I truly look forward to Mondays to hear from you and see how you are all doing! Lets start off by saying, being a missionary is one of them most rewarding things I could ever do in my life. The miracles I have seen this past week I know have been because of my faith in Jesus Christ. This week was probably one of the hardest weeks on my mission so far. Finding out all that happened with Grandpa and then thinking about Kimber and Samuels wedding and everything was a lot. But I'm doing great. The peace that I felt this week and the miracles I have seen have been incredible. I'm glad to see the funeral and everything went great. And Kimber and Samuel's wedding. I'm excited to recieve all of the stuff that you mentioned mom and I want to also see pictures of the wedding when you get them. But that's a given. I recieved a priesthood blessing on Monday night and the whole entire time I just felt peace. I know that Grandpa is with our Heavnly Father and he truly is smiling down on us. It's such a blessing to know the Plan of salvation and strengthen my testimony on it. I certainly have this past week. I love it! I want to hear all about the wedding when Kimber gets back. And I might add, congrats to Liz! I'm so excited for you. :)

This week we went to a lot of members houses for dinner and got to know them better. I love going to the members homes and feeling the spirit there. It truly is remarkable. And might I add eating the food they prepare. I'm so grateful for the ward members. We taught quite a few lessons this week, and I know it's because our Heavenly Father is looking out for me. He knows me personally and cares for me. :) It was quite funny, as you all know I don't really like fish....but we were going to a members house on Saturday night and Sister Morrison and I were joking about how we don't like fish and sure enough, we walked into the house and what did I smell??? You know it! haha we both laughed inside. The good thing was it was salmon, the type of fish I can kinda gag down. We didn't make it known that we didn't like fish and the lady had a piece of chicken she warmed up for Sis. Mo. I ate the salmon first so I could get rid of the taste. That was my funny moment of the week. Talking about how we don't like fish right beefore going into a dinner appointment and then of course eating fish. I love it!

We also went to the urgent care for S. Mo this week. She has really bad ashtma and luckily got there in time to have her get some breathing treatments for her lungs. She's feeling better now and not coughing so much. Which is fantastic for me! :)

As I've continued working with some of the ward members I can truly see them strengthening their faith in Christ. I know I've talked about the Perez family these past weeks and it's so awesome to see them coming closer together. Sister Perez has been asking us what she can do now to help prepare her girls for missions. I love seeing her do those things that will bring her closer to Christ. She mentioned to us this week and said "If you guys don't baptize anyone on you mission, that's fine with me, because you have brought our family closer together. You've gotten my husband to come to church more times than since he was recently baptized." That melted my heart. I'm really making a difference in these peoples lives. And my live as well. My testimony of the gospel and the plan of salvation and the restoration have been strengthened so much and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without my mission. It's changed me and it's changing those around me. I LOVE IT!

Another amazing miracle that happened this week was CARY FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH!!!! She has a really bad back and I don't know exactly what is wrong but she was at church. The only thing that makes me sad about it, is she really did it just to please us. But I don't want her to do it just for us. I want her to do it for her. Because it truly is going to bring her closer to Christ and her Heavenly Father. We are still working with her but have to help her desire it for herself and not for us. We visited Cynthia yesterday as well and came to the conclusion that she isn't ready to be baptized. She's having a tough time right now with work and school and her daughter and we're here for her but she's not ready to make the commitment to be baptized. It's sad but true. the people here are amazing. I love New Jersey so much.

As I have read this week in the Book of Mormon my love and testimony of it just grows so much more. I love reading about all the wars and the Nephites and Lamanites. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He truly translated the Book of Mormon for us today. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the feeling I get when I read it. I don't want to put it down. I know this church is true. I know the Plan of Salvation is real. I know Grandpa is reunited with his family again and he's going to be watching out for us. It's sad to see him go, but with what we know, it's amazing. God loves each and every one of us so much. He wants all of his children to return and live with him. Continue to share the gospel with those around you. They are looking for the truth "but they know not where to find it." I love you all so much. I hope everyone's week goes so great this week. I love the Lord with all my heart and will continue to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength. Many prayers are going out to you! Thanks for the support you give me. Smile, people are always watching!

Love you!


Sister Christine Taylor

The passing of Grandpa Stevens Jan 28th letter

I'm not quite sure how to start this email...many many thoughts are running through my head...but I'm comforted, truly comforted by the Holy Spirit. I think I will tell you about my week and then about all the other thoughts running through my head. I hope I can get through everything I want to say...

This past week has definitely been one of the coldest weeks out here. Bone-chilling cold. But it was one of the most amazing weeks. We taught 27 lessons. Wedesnday was great. We taught a few of our investigators and one actually might already be a member of the church...she can't remember. Which is unique but we taught her the plan of salvation and it 'makes sense' to her. We went and saw a HQ referral and he didn't think we were going to come. But of course we did. He said he wanted a Bible but we didn't have any bibles but we told him we had a Book of Mormon. We quickly taught a short Restoration and gave him the Book of Mormon. We thought it was pretty promising but we recieved a text last night saying he'd like to stay Methodist. Sometimes that happens. "/ We quickly went and saw Bonny and Sister Morrison is STILL sick. So we went home and relaxed and tried to get her feeling better. Not much luck. Still sick. I'm definitely learning patience ha. We had interviews that night with President and Sister Jeppson and I love interviews so much. President and Sister Jeppson are so loving and knkow exactly what we need. They truly are inspired. I told them that I found out Grandpa had a stroke so they knew a little bit about what was going on. They were comforting interviews. We went to a members house for dinner and had really good soup. I love being in the members homes and feeling the spirit there. I love all the members here! We went to young womens after that and decorated mugs with them! It's pretty sweet. Maybe I'll have to send that back so I don't lose it here.

I can't remember what day I recieved two little packages, but of course they're always on days that I need them. They were from Melissa and Liz Dicou. Melissa sent some pictures from her wedding and I loved them! I look at them often. Thank you Melissa. And Liz, you better believe I cried when I opened it up and saw what it was. Thank you so much! It was a hymn book because we always used to share hers. Thanks again! And thanks for all the support, really. I couldn't be here if it wasn't for all the prayers and love you show to me.

Thursday we had an exchange with Sparta. I went up to the "New Jersey Mountains" and BOY WAS IT COLD!!! It was walking day and I haven't had a walking day in two transfers because Sister Morrison's leg and so it was a BIG change to what I have been doing. But it was fun! I went with Sister Healy and she's incredible and funny and awkward and great! We walked quite a bit and contacted a lot of people. It was great and good to get back to that. It was a good exchange that's for sure. Sister Healy is coming home this next transfer and had the temple trip so we came back down to Morristown on Friday morning and so Sister Richardson, her companion, stayed with us most of the day. We did our studies and then went and helped Darsi. I love Darsi so much. She's like a big sister to me out here. She's amazing and is looking to recieve her endowments in February. I'm so excited for her! After Darsi we went and saw Cynthia and she how she was doing. And she was exhausted. Work and everything is just too much for her right now. She didn't come to church. Neither did Cary. That's the biggest struggle we're having with our investigators right now is getting them to church. We went and visited Prakash, our gas guy, and he said he was thinking about us that day. Inspired to go and get gas! We're trying to set up a time to go see him and his family again.

Saturday was great as well. Darsi needed more help so we went and helped her. Cary has been fixing our skirts and i'm so grateful for her. We went and dropped those off to her and then went to the Chase home (Sarah Page's) sisters house and taught them the doctrine of Jesus Christ. They had such a beautiful home and beautiful kids. After that we went to the Perez home and watched the Legacy with them. They all committed to come to church and they were all there again! I love seeing families come back to church. Even though I haven't baptized anyone yet I'm strengthening families and helping them build their faith in Christ.

As I have said time and time again I love Sunday's and this one in particular! It was a missionary themed church. President and Sister Jeppson were there and spoke about missionary work and I was asked to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting. I love bearing my testimony and I was grateful for the opportunity. My testimony has strengthened so much since being out here and it's only going to get stronger! I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! It makes sense. :) President got up and was talking about Elder Ream (who also bore his testimony) and me and said "you probably didn't know Sister Taylor was a college basketball player." Needless to say I got some pretty crazy looks after that. But it was good. Relief Society was also all on missionary work. It was on the talk given my Elder Nelson in October's conference "Ask the missionaries! They can help you." So that's exactly what the teacher did. She asked us to bear our testimonies in Relief Society as well. I'm so privilaged to be a missionary for my Savior Jesus Christ in these days. I love every opportunity I get to share the gospel. One of our less-actives was having some pain so we went and helped her. We took her dogs for a walk and cleaned her windows. I love any type of service! We went to a members house for dinner and then went to the hospital to visit the less active that wasn't doing to well. We had the bishop come over and give her a priesthood blessing. I hope she's doing okay. This week was great! We worked hard and it's paying off. I really hope to get some baptismal dates set this next week and getting our investigators to church.

My district leader is pretty sure I'm going to be getting doubled in to a new area and training a new sister. President told me I'll definitely be training because we're getting 8 english sisters in this upcoming transfer. I'm sad to leave Morristown but I know wherever the Lord calls me is where I need to go. We'll see what happens in these upcoming weeks!

Now for the news I recieved this's definitely heart-breaking to find out Grandpa has passed away. It's hard because I've been so fortunate not to lose someone close until now. It's tough and it was tough when President called me. Right as he told me tears came. But I'm glad he told me before, so thank you mom for that. I know I already sent mom an email telling you about his favorite memories but I remember going to his work and getting gumballs. That was probably my favorite memory with him. As I have prayed this morning, the spirit is here comforting me. I know and will continue to strengthen my testimony on the plan of salvation. This is a great opportunity to me to really know that The Plan of Salvation is real. I remember leaving to the MTC and telling grandpa where I was going. I told him twice I was going on a mission and then told him one last time and he said "I know that". He knows where I am and he's going to look out for me. He's reunited with some much of his family and he's happy. Mosiah 2:41...he's in a state of never-ending happiness, reunited with his family and waiting for us to join him one day. It's hard and going to be hard these next couple days and weeks but we have eternity with our families. And I'm so grateful and happy to spend it with my family. I love you all so much! You are all in my prayers, always! And Kimber, I'm so excited for you to be sealed this Saturday. What an amazing day it will be. I know this church is true. If I didn't I wouldn't be out here. I know God has a plan for each one of us and this time right now is going to make us all stronger as a family! Can't wait to hear from you all next week! And thank you for all your suport!

Love you!

Sister Christine Elaine Taylor :)