Monday, September 24, 2012

First Letter from the MTC

Today is my P-day! We got to attend the temple this morning which was a nice break and relaxation from the MTC. I've kinda just been relaxing today and did some laundry. All of the sisters except Sister Roper did our laundry together since we don't have a ton.
I would prefer dearelder just because I will get the letter the same day you print it. As well as all my friends and then I won't have to waste all my internet time reading the emails rather than writing back to you guys. So if you could just tell anyone who wants to write me, write on dearelder and I'll be able to write them back during the week in hand written letters rather than emails.
I don't know and can't remember if I wrote in the letter but I saw Courtney Judkins as well. It was awesome seeing her. And crazy crazy thing, there was only one priest in Taft, California when I was down there and I saw him here in the MTC!!! Elder Vega, it's good to see his testimony is still strong and he is now going to go out and serve the Lord. It was comforting to see him. I've see others that I recognize here and it's awesome. I did get your little package and I appreciate it a lot. I don't know if all the jerky will be gone but I already opened up some fruit snacks an opened up the books. They are so cute! I love those two little angels and am thinking about them often! It still hasn't quite hit me that I won't see you guys for that long, but it just makes it that more exciting!
The crazy thing about it here is I felt so comfortable the moment I got here. The Elders and Sisters are so welcoming and it was awesome. I've had my moments of frustration but those will soon dwindle away. Saturday was a tough night for me, Sister Roper and I had to teach an "investigator" and it was tough. But practice makes perfect.
Yesterday was incredible! We had a packed day, we went to sacrament and hear some great talks from our Branch presidency. After we had a few hours of study time and I studied prayer. Something I read in the bible dictionary really pointed out to me. It said: "Many times are prayers are unanswered because they don't follow Christ's attitude, but they follow the selfishness of man." That's not word for word, but you can look it up. That really stuck out to me. After we had a little district meeting and Brother Robinson (counselor in our zone) talked to us about the doctrine of Christ. They really simplified it for me. We had some more studying and then went to the Temple Dedication which was awesome. I fell asleep for the first two speakers but L. Tom Perry and President Boyd K. Packer really brought it home. I feel like since this Temple was dedicated and so close to Pres. Packer, he won't last much longer. He was crackin jokes, it was awesome. But when we all came together and sang The Spirit of God, that's what hit home. Having so many missionaries sing that, was so great! It almost brought tears to my eyes. Okay it brought a couple tears. But it was incredible! Then we had the MTC devotional with Brother Allen and he talked about our missionary power we possess. He gave five points on missionary power: We are called and set apart, we have The Word of God, the Holy Ghost, our testimonies and our obedience and character. He was funny and a great speaker!
I will say dearelder letters will be great so I can read them over the week and not spend all my time readin the emails in my time I can write them.
This gospel is true. I know it is. I can't wait to teach that to people and help them come unto Christ. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I love this gospel and can't wait to learn more about it. God be with you til we meet again! Love you family! Hope you enjoy this!! :)

Seeester Taylor!

Thanks for your support


Sunday, September 23, 2012

 Cousin's, Nick(center) Chris(right) Chris entered MTC also
 With Grant and Tacy

Saying Final goodbyes

First Letter

First words from Sister Taylor from the MTC...."Holy crap!"  She's doing great!  We recieved a letter on Saturday.  I was at work and Jody text me to tell me, "We got a letter,"  I wasn't sure if she meant she did or we did at home.  She confirmed that We got one at home.  As soon as I got home, I read it.  So great to hear from her so soon.  You never know when you're going to get that first letter. 

Here's some of what she had to say..........Holy Crap!  I've only been gone one day and I am loving it so far.  It really is awesome here, the spirit here is incredible.  So as I walked away, I was greeted with a Sister that showed me around, took me to my room, got my badge and went to my classroom and met my companion.  Her name is Sister Emilie Christine! Roper from Lakewood, Colorado.  She's cool, has a great testimony.  Like I said, the sprirt is amazing.  The people are so nice and it's because they are striving to come closer to Christ.  I think the biggest thing I'm nervous about is following the promptings of the Spirit, I know he will guide me and I have to constantly be praying for his constant comfort and companionship. 

I want you to know I didn't cry as I got into the MTC, because this is where I'm supposed to be.  I feel so comfortable and so right, here.  Granted it's tough to leave, but I know you and I will be blessed for my time serving the Lord,.  I know this church is true and I can't wait to find out so much more about this gospel.  Love you! 

Sister Taylor

Sister Taylor also mentioned she'd seen quite a few familiar faces.  She sat with her cousin, Elder Chris Stevens, for dinner one of the first nights.  She wanted me to let everyone know about and let you know that you can write there for free and they print the letters out for her at the MTC.  I know you can use that even after she gets to New Jersy but it costs the price of the stamp anyway, and I'm not sure how fast they get them out in the field.  But it is free in the MTC.  You need her mailbox number which is 156, NJ-MOR 1008.  Be sure to hit the ProveMTC(Free) button to send the free emails. 

Her address when she reaches New Jersey will be
Sister Chrsitine Elaine Taylor
New Jersey Morristown Mission
1719 Route 10 Ste 309
Parsippany, NJ 07054-4519

This is the general mailing address for her mission so if you ever lose her physical address , you can always mail letters (and packages) to this address.  She will always get these. 

She thanks everyone for their continued support and so do I. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today was the big day, Christine entered the MTC.  We have had a wonderful last couple of days with Christine.  She spent the weekend with Kirk and I in Boise for a softball tournament.  When arriving home, most of the family spent the next couple of evenings with Christine.  Tuesday night, after everyone had left, we packed all the stuff she'll need for the next 18 months in two suitcases.  Wednesday morning we woke up and packed her two suitcases in the trunk and started our convoy to Provo.  In tow, we had Mom and Dad, Kimber, Jody, Eric, Grant, Melissa, Barry and Tacy, oh and of course Christine.  We ate lunch together at Cafe Rio, one last time, Christine doesn't think there are any Cafe Rio's in New Jersery, so that's why she chose it.  After lunch we headed up the MTC, we took some pictures around the temple and in front of the MTC.  (Pictures to follow)  We met up with Christine's cousin Chris from Virginia who was also entering the MTC and took more pictures and then said our good byes.  Drop off is much different then it was when Brad went on his mission.  We now pull in to a drive, in front of the MTC, open your trunk, remove luggage, and send your missionary on their way.  She went happily and excited but with some tears.  We love you Christine and will miss you, do great things! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a few last words before I leave...

I just wanted to write a few words before I head down to the MTC. These last few weeks have been absolutely incredible. The spirit I have felt has been amazing. Last week I gave my farewell talk in my home ward and the amount of support I had there was so wonderful. I will post a couple pictures from the farewell. I talked on Faith and it went so well. Sister Harvey was my co-speaker and I was so thrilled when I found that out. She did an amazing job as well. It was good to see some people I hadn't seen in a long time.

I got to go to dinner with some friends this past week and I'm so grateful for them in my life. The friends and family I have are amazing and I love them so much. 

It has slowly been hitting me that I will be leaving so soon but I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord for 18 months. I know it will be challenging and hard at times but there will be plenty of happiness and joy. The people's whose lives I will change will remain with me forever. I can't wait to find those searching for the gospel and my companion and I are the answers to their prayers. What an amazing opportunity it is. I know I will grow so much from this experience and I can't wait for that.

I just want to tell my friends and family how much I love and appreciate their support. It's going to be hard leaving you guys but it's what I need to do in my life. Little Grant and Tacy will surely be missed. They'll be so grown up when I return. 

I know this Church is true. I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost and his comfort he's given me in some of the tougher moments. I know that if we sincerely pray, the Lord will answer our prayers. I'm grateful for this opportunity I have and know it'll change my families, my life, and those I will convert to this gospel. I know President Monson is a prophet of God and he leads guides this Church in this day. I love all of you and the support you have given me. 


--God Be With You Til We Meet Again--

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Jersey Morristown Mission

As I begin this blog, I hope everyone reading it enjoy the experiences that I will go through on my mission. I kind of just wanted to start it out before I make the journey to the MTC and onto New Jersey. (Plus, I have to show my mom how to use it, seeing that I won't be the one posting on my mission) 

The choice for me to go on a mission came with a very cool story. Back in February-March, my friend started challenging me to go on a mission. I hadn't really thought about it after Taft, because I thought Taft would be my mission. Yes, it was a big part of my mission but I know that this mission will be even more life-changing. I began to pray and not really finding any answers. One morning as I was working in the Tabernacle (I get the amazing opportunity to the clean the Tabernacle, the only down-fall to that would be waking up at 4 a.m.) But as I was cleaning, I remember distinctly where I was, the only word that was popping into my head was "mission". So I thought okay, I guess I'll consider it more. I got done with work there and had to go to the dentist to get some cavities filled. So of course they numbed my mouth. I had to go to my other job at Marshall's, with a numb face, so I wasn't feeling to well. My awesome manager asked me if I wanted anything at Panda Express (it had just opened that day) and so I told her, "yeah, if you want to just get me an appetizer that'd be fine." She came back and I went onto my break to find a meal there. Orange chicken it was. Now, everybody knows with a Chinese meal you get a fortune cookie. Now I know it sounds so cliche, but as I opened that fortune and read it, it was like a huge answer to my prayer. In the fortune it said, "Yes. Do it with confidence." I've talked to a lot of people and told people that story and many have said they've never seen a "yes, or no" in a fortune cookie. So, that night we had an activity at the Bishop's house so I was planning on telling him I wanted to serve a mission. As I told him, he was so thrilled and I was so excited I got an answer to my prayer to see if a mission was for me.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and I know that that day he was looking out for me and gave me the answer I needed. 

So I began my papers and doctors visits and everything. The cool thing though, is I was keeping a secret from my siblings. I started a fast to make sure that this was the right decision with my Bishop on April 26, 2012 and after that fast we both felt good so he opened up my mission papers on the web. The timing couldn't be more perfect. Kimber had gone to Nauvoo and I was worried that she'd be suspicious so I finished all my papers within a week (the week she was gone.) It was the week of my birthday so it was such a great present. The papers were sent to the stake president and I had a meeting with the bishop, then the stake president, and then had to wait a couple weeks before my call got here. My Bishop kept me updated and so I pretty much knew when they were coming. On June 1, I got a text from my Bishop saying that Assignment had been made. And It would most likely be sent on the next Wednesday. The Spirit I felt when I got that text was so great. I knew the choices I was making in my life were the right ones. So, still keeping a secret from my siblings, that Wednesday, my dad called a "family meeting." We have never had these, so they were wondering what was going on. Some of them thought he was going to be the new bishop. Jody texted me and asked if I knew what the meeting was for and I lied and told her I didn't know, but in all reality it was for me! So, I got home from work and was freaking out inside. I had to wait a couple hours before I could open it. Some of my friends knew I was going on a mission, so I had secretly planned with them to come over at 9 to watch me open it. But back to the meeting, my dad started it (Jody, Eric and Grant were in Hawaii so they were on speaker phone) and started out by saying, "Well, speaking with the Stake President a couple weeks ago..." Jody, kind of laughed on the phone and my dad asked why she was laughing and she said that she thought someone had died. We kinda laughed for a second and then my dad repeated it and then said "and I'll pass the phone over to Christine.." And that's when I told them I was going on a mission. Jody was confused on who and thought it was Mom and Dad so I had to clear it up with her that it was me. Then my dad said "Do you want to know where she's going?" Jody asked if I already had my call but I thought it be good to throw them for another curve and say that I was just planning on it. A few second went by and I told them I was joking and walked over to my drawer and pulled out my call. They were so surprised! It worked perfectly! The coolest thing though was I had it recording secretly on my camera so I have it all. It was so awesome! My friends came over and we played the guessing game on where I was going. Michelle Moffat was the one that guessed the closest. She guessed I was going to New York. The whole plan was awesome. Kimber, was a little bitter but she was the one that slightly had a clue. (I hope she doesn't get mad I put this in here). 

I wanted to go through the temple pretty soon so I could experience the blessings of my temple sooner rather than later. I went through the temple June 28th and it was such an amazing experience. I love going to the temple. The spirit that is there is incredible and awesome. I made it a goal to go to the temple at least once a week and I can proudly say I've only missed two weeks since I've gotten my endowment out. I know the blessing s there are incredible. 

So now here I write. On September 3rd. Two weeks and two days until I leave. The time has flown by since I have gotten my call and I can't wait to go out and find those people waiting to hear the gospel. I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to be an instrument in the Lord's hand. I know my family will be blessed for these next 18 months as well as myself and those I bring closer to Christ. I know this church is true. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and he saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ in the grove of trees and restored His gospel back onto the earth for us in these latter days. I know President Monson speaks through the spirit and tell us what we need to hear. I love this gospel and am so grateful for the examples I have in my life that have helped me get to where I am today. Until next time. :)

--Sister Taylor