Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving and New Companions

Sister Dicou left on Tuesday and it hasn't been the same without her here. She is an incredible Sister and one I will miss so dearly. She taught me so much and was such a huge example to me of the kind of missionary I want to be.

You should try and go to her homecoming. I will get the details and maybe you can go up there. Maybe.  

Thanksgiving was so great! We met up with quite a few missionaries and had a turkey bowl. I played with the Elders and it was a lot of fun. The Elders in this mission are the best! I did score a touchdown which was pretty cool. It was pretty funny on Thanksgiving as soon as I got there they were like, "Sister Taylor, go Sister Taylor, go black" I don't want to boast but it was pretty cool. The Elders respect me and that's nice to have. I don't want to sound too prideful either but they recognize. :)  After that we had three appointments. Luckily we only ate at two so I didn't get way to stuffed. But the food was delicious and I was happy the members invited us over for dinner. It was good to get to know them better.  

I probably should back-track a little. My new companion is Sister Morrison from San Diego but it doesn't stop there. I'm in a trio. The other sister is from the temple square mission and her name is Sister Galavau and she's from Anaheim. They're great.  We did service on Friday down in South Jersey but it wasn't like the other service, we were more inland and chopped trees and cleaned up the leaves and stuff. I was happy to do it but not what I would of wanted to do. I wanted to wreck a house. But any service is good service. Saturday we did a little service for an older lady and chopped up her tree and cleaned the debris. They are all so grateful for us and I know we're planting little mustard seeds of faith in them. Years down the road, two missionaries will knock on their door and they'll be more receptive because we saved their lives and cleaned up their house. We finally got to go to church again this week! It was the first time in four weeks we actually got to go to our own ward. And some of the members thought I was new because I hadn't been in a long time. But that's okay.  

I got to talk to Sister (Liz) Dicou last night on the phone because we can call them and ask them about the area if we have any questions so I got to call her and talk to her. Right as I got on the phone and started talking I started crying because I miss her. Sister Taylor doesn't do well with quick change. It really has been a tough week for me. Last night after I got off the phone with her I got down on my knees and bawled and prayed to Heavenly Father for help. Please pray for me. I need it. I need to focus on the work.

We had a Mission Fireside yesterday for members and investigators and it was so good. We had a little program and had parts and sang songs. The spirit that was felt there was incredible and so amazing.This month our focus is on the Book of Mormon. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much this month. Our mission president wanted us to pick a principle to focus on while we read. My focus isn't really a certain principle but every time there is a new name said, I write it down where I found it and who that person is. It has strengthened my testimony so much because I know who these people are now. And when I do start to read it over again, when I focus on a principle I know who it is. I want to challenge you guys, to read the Book of Mormon with a purpose. It will strengthen your testimony so much of it and I know it will make all of us happier. My testimony has grown so much since being out here and I can't wait to strengthen it even more. Christ lives. He loves us and so does our Father in Heaven. They want the best for us and knows us. We might know what we want but that might not be in God's plan for us. Read your patriarchal blessing this week, I read mine on Friday and cried. That will help you see what God sees in you. He loves us so much. I'm so excited for this Christmas season and can't wait to continue to teach our investigators. It's been tough with all the service we've been doing but we have such great investigators and some of them will get baptized. I can't wait to teach them happiness. The church is true! 

I love the story about the lady in Target. That's hilarious. When there was the gas crisis out here we saw a car butt in front and BOY, he was getting honked at for probably five minutes. THAT'S BOLD! Just kinda reminded me about that. I love hearing about all your stories. If you came out here Dad you'd be able to shoot like 200 deer. There is road kill all over the place. Thanks for all your support again! I love you guys all so much and miss you! I'll send some pictures of the great service we rendered. Love you!! 

Sister Christine Taylor

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