Sunday, February 10, 2013

The passing of Grandpa Stevens Jan 28th letter

I'm not quite sure how to start this email...many many thoughts are running through my head...but I'm comforted, truly comforted by the Holy Spirit. I think I will tell you about my week and then about all the other thoughts running through my head. I hope I can get through everything I want to say...

This past week has definitely been one of the coldest weeks out here. Bone-chilling cold. But it was one of the most amazing weeks. We taught 27 lessons. Wedesnday was great. We taught a few of our investigators and one actually might already be a member of the church...she can't remember. Which is unique but we taught her the plan of salvation and it 'makes sense' to her. We went and saw a HQ referral and he didn't think we were going to come. But of course we did. He said he wanted a Bible but we didn't have any bibles but we told him we had a Book of Mormon. We quickly taught a short Restoration and gave him the Book of Mormon. We thought it was pretty promising but we recieved a text last night saying he'd like to stay Methodist. Sometimes that happens. "/ We quickly went and saw Bonny and Sister Morrison is STILL sick. So we went home and relaxed and tried to get her feeling better. Not much luck. Still sick. I'm definitely learning patience ha. We had interviews that night with President and Sister Jeppson and I love interviews so much. President and Sister Jeppson are so loving and knkow exactly what we need. They truly are inspired. I told them that I found out Grandpa had a stroke so they knew a little bit about what was going on. They were comforting interviews. We went to a members house for dinner and had really good soup. I love being in the members homes and feeling the spirit there. I love all the members here! We went to young womens after that and decorated mugs with them! It's pretty sweet. Maybe I'll have to send that back so I don't lose it here.

I can't remember what day I recieved two little packages, but of course they're always on days that I need them. They were from Melissa and Liz Dicou. Melissa sent some pictures from her wedding and I loved them! I look at them often. Thank you Melissa. And Liz, you better believe I cried when I opened it up and saw what it was. Thank you so much! It was a hymn book because we always used to share hers. Thanks again! And thanks for all the support, really. I couldn't be here if it wasn't for all the prayers and love you show to me.

Thursday we had an exchange with Sparta. I went up to the "New Jersey Mountains" and BOY WAS IT COLD!!! It was walking day and I haven't had a walking day in two transfers because Sister Morrison's leg and so it was a BIG change to what I have been doing. But it was fun! I went with Sister Healy and she's incredible and funny and awkward and great! We walked quite a bit and contacted a lot of people. It was great and good to get back to that. It was a good exchange that's for sure. Sister Healy is coming home this next transfer and had the temple trip so we came back down to Morristown on Friday morning and so Sister Richardson, her companion, stayed with us most of the day. We did our studies and then went and helped Darsi. I love Darsi so much. She's like a big sister to me out here. She's amazing and is looking to recieve her endowments in February. I'm so excited for her! After Darsi we went and saw Cynthia and she how she was doing. And she was exhausted. Work and everything is just too much for her right now. She didn't come to church. Neither did Cary. That's the biggest struggle we're having with our investigators right now is getting them to church. We went and visited Prakash, our gas guy, and he said he was thinking about us that day. Inspired to go and get gas! We're trying to set up a time to go see him and his family again.

Saturday was great as well. Darsi needed more help so we went and helped her. Cary has been fixing our skirts and i'm so grateful for her. We went and dropped those off to her and then went to the Chase home (Sarah Page's) sisters house and taught them the doctrine of Jesus Christ. They had such a beautiful home and beautiful kids. After that we went to the Perez home and watched the Legacy with them. They all committed to come to church and they were all there again! I love seeing families come back to church. Even though I haven't baptized anyone yet I'm strengthening families and helping them build their faith in Christ.

As I have said time and time again I love Sunday's and this one in particular! It was a missionary themed church. President and Sister Jeppson were there and spoke about missionary work and I was asked to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting. I love bearing my testimony and I was grateful for the opportunity. My testimony has strengthened so much since being out here and it's only going to get stronger! I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! It makes sense. :) President got up and was talking about Elder Ream (who also bore his testimony) and me and said "you probably didn't know Sister Taylor was a college basketball player." Needless to say I got some pretty crazy looks after that. But it was good. Relief Society was also all on missionary work. It was on the talk given my Elder Nelson in October's conference "Ask the missionaries! They can help you." So that's exactly what the teacher did. She asked us to bear our testimonies in Relief Society as well. I'm so privilaged to be a missionary for my Savior Jesus Christ in these days. I love every opportunity I get to share the gospel. One of our less-actives was having some pain so we went and helped her. We took her dogs for a walk and cleaned her windows. I love any type of service! We went to a members house for dinner and then went to the hospital to visit the less active that wasn't doing to well. We had the bishop come over and give her a priesthood blessing. I hope she's doing okay. This week was great! We worked hard and it's paying off. I really hope to get some baptismal dates set this next week and getting our investigators to church.

My district leader is pretty sure I'm going to be getting doubled in to a new area and training a new sister. President told me I'll definitely be training because we're getting 8 english sisters in this upcoming transfer. I'm sad to leave Morristown but I know wherever the Lord calls me is where I need to go. We'll see what happens in these upcoming weeks!

Now for the news I recieved this's definitely heart-breaking to find out Grandpa has passed away. It's hard because I've been so fortunate not to lose someone close until now. It's tough and it was tough when President called me. Right as he told me tears came. But I'm glad he told me before, so thank you mom for that. I know I already sent mom an email telling you about his favorite memories but I remember going to his work and getting gumballs. That was probably my favorite memory with him. As I have prayed this morning, the spirit is here comforting me. I know and will continue to strengthen my testimony on the plan of salvation. This is a great opportunity to me to really know that The Plan of Salvation is real. I remember leaving to the MTC and telling grandpa where I was going. I told him twice I was going on a mission and then told him one last time and he said "I know that". He knows where I am and he's going to look out for me. He's reunited with some much of his family and he's happy. Mosiah 2:41...he's in a state of never-ending happiness, reunited with his family and waiting for us to join him one day. It's hard and going to be hard these next couple days and weeks but we have eternity with our families. And I'm so grateful and happy to spend it with my family. I love you all so much! You are all in my prayers, always! And Kimber, I'm so excited for you to be sealed this Saturday. What an amazing day it will be. I know this church is true. If I didn't I wouldn't be out here. I know God has a plan for each one of us and this time right now is going to make us all stronger as a family! Can't wait to hear from you all next week! And thank you for all your suport!

Love you!

Sister Christine Elaine Taylor :)

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