Sunday, April 14, 2013

Conference con't! Miracle

I forgot to mention our miracle we've already had today. We went to Walmart to get the things we needed and a few weeks ago we gave a card to one of the employees there. He came up to us today and told us that he'd visited the website. Sister Ward asked how he liked it and he said it was really good. We told him about church and he said he was going to try and make it. It was so cool to see him follow-up with us rather then us going to find him. We started checking our groceries out and he came up to us and said I have a question? What's the difference between your church and my church. We're both Christian. I told him we believe we have the fulness of the gospel and that our church is Christ's church again restored on the earth. What was even cooler is I had brought my backpack into walmart (which i never do) and pulled out a Book of Mormon. He said he'd never seen that book before. We took him briefly what it was about and told him he could have it. He got so excited. We said we can come by later and talked and explain it a little better but he said "oh I can't today". We said we'll plan a time to come and explain it more. He was so sweet and is so prepared to hear the truthfulness of the gospel. His name is Abel and pretty great. That was our miracle for the day! People are prepared. They're out there. We just need to find them....or they'll find us. :) I love you all again! Peace and blessings.

Sister Taylor

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