Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day

Boy what an incredible week it has been. We were able to hit 17 lessons last week which was so great considering we had 7 last week! And to top it all off, I got to see all of you! I loved it. It was just the refresher I needed to tell you the truth. Being able to see Grant and Tacy was so wonderful. What two beautiful children! I love em!
Well I guess I'll tell you about my week. The things I didn't get to tell you on skype or forgot to mention. I finallly got to have a relaxing p-day because there's not much to do down here. So I was able to make t shirts and do a couple of other things. We headed down to Little Egg Harbor and found a couple of less active people we were able to talk to. The less actives down here that are willing to listen are great and I can't wait to really begin working with them and seeing that they need to come back to church and remember their baptismal covenants. It's so great! We met a GREAT couple that really wants to come to church but they don't have a car so transportation is difficult but they are great. That's a problem down here is people don't have cars to get around.
Tuesday we had our first district meeting and it was so great. Elder Benson is a great district leader. Plus he's from Kaysville, he's got to be awesome haha but really though he's so cool! We went to a chinese buffet after as a district which was really fun to get to know them better. I love every district I've been in. :) Traveling to and from all these meetings take up so much time. But it has to be done. We went out and found a couple more less active people and were able to talk to them. But I did tell you about the new investigators we met. JUSTIN BIEBER fans! Totally. They gave me a Justin Bieber action figure. Love em already. And they're looking for a church so hopefully everything will go great with them!
Wednesday was another good day. We were able to walk around a lot which was really nice. This story is great...(until the end) haha bear with me. So we were walking down the street and I saw a kid shooting some hoops, he was a young one, so I didn't challenge him (he probs would've beaten me) but I asked if I could shoot it. His dad was sitting outside watching him so we started talking to him and pulled out a new Book of Mormon. His wife just about came running out of her house saying "are you handing out pamplets?" And I said we're handing out Book of Mormon's, he went inside but we started talking to her and she was saying how prideful she was and how she needed to be humble. I was thinking about Ether 12:27 and started flipping to it and stopped in Nephi and I guess some Elder had began to study pride and humility in the Book of Mormon, exactly what she was talking about. She was so surprised to see that! We shared with her the scripture and then she asked when we could come back. We set up an appointment for the next day but unfortunately she called and canceled because it wasn't what she believed. :( But now she has a Book of Mormon and can look at those few markings about pride and humility. An answer to her prayer. It was so cool. We went and visited with an active member, an older woman and she is so awesome! Such a saint. She was baptized about 10 years ago and has a solid testimony. And ps I failed to wish Elly a Happy Birthday this past week on Skype but happy birthday elly!
Thursday was another fantastic day! We went to the Relief Society meeting with the two relief society sisters in the presidency. Two older woman and both fireballs! Sister Jackson the RSP is so awesome! We ate kiesh and it was pretty good. We talked about the sisters and how we can help and then they started getting onto a chastity conversation and started saying all these funny things about chastity and all this sort of stuff. I was busting up laughing! Sister Jackson kept looking over and me and snickering because I was laughing. A moment I'll never forget. In conclusion she said "so what you're trying to say is there's life outside the bedroom." Boy, have I heard some interesting things on my mission! Haha we also met another less active and a new investigator. The work here is slowing moving forward.
Friday was more finding people. We met some more less active families and it was really nice. I can't wait to see them again and help them even more. I'll continue to say how much less active work there is down here. And I'm ready to do it.
Saturday we went and helped a member clean her house. It was really fun. She's another crazy one but so awesome! Our branch president has been sick so we made brownies for them and went and visited with his wife. She's so great. Saturday like I said was POURING rain, I wish I could've just danced around in it but I'll save that for later. I love the weather out here. I haven't hit the bad humidity yet but I'm sure it's coming.
Sunday of course was mothers day, we had a great sacrament meeting where the young women talked about their mothers. It made me realize how awesome my mother is! I loved it. And then of course I got to see all of you! And that was the refresher I needed. :) I'm so grateful for the Roberson's for letting us skype at their house. They are awesome and they fed us awesome burgers and potato salad and beans. I love them so much already! Again, thanks for all you're examples to me. I love all of you so much! I know this church is true. I know our Savior loves us so much! Missions are the best things ever! God be with you til we meet again! Can't wait to hear from you all next week! :)
Sister Taylor

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