Sunday, June 23, 2013

Barnegat, back to one companion

Well my goodness. What a week it has been. And what a week it is going to be. I thought June was going to be kinda normal but no, that's not true. It's been a crazy first couple of weeks and I can't believe the half of the month has already passed. But anyway. It has been another successful week here in BARNEGAT!
So I mentioned last time we did our emails on the island and got our shopping done and headed home to relax. I was going about, doing my drawing and recieved a call from one of the assistants. He told me to inform Sister Page that she was going to get transferred. Usually we find out who's getting tranferred in a text in the morning but we didn't get anything so we thought we were fine...but then we got the call. We all kinda stood there in shock and awe not knowing what to say...We were told earlier on monday to check with the landlord to ask how many people were allowed to stay in the apartment so we went to go check. Sister Page and Waddoups walked up and asked and I stayed back a little, they said if it's a one bedroom apartment only two people are allowed.....and we had we didn't know we were being disobedient the whole tranfer. :/ ooops...thus Sister Page being tranferred the next day. So that was exciting. Sister Page quickly got her suitcases and began packing. She was slightly freaking Monday night we went to go say goodbye to those individuals Sister Page wanted to say goodbye to. That was eventful. God always has surprises haha
Tuesday was crazy. We did our studies and then had to leave at about 1030 to get up to tranfer conference by 2. We had to run some errands and we stopped for lunch so that's why we left early but it was about 3 hours travel up there. I'll say it over and over again....WE ARE DOWNNNN SOUTH haha. We got up to North Jersey and got out and saw all these crazy huge bugs outside. We found out that they were called Secadus and they only come out about every few years or so. They were nasty, one tried to attack me so I whacked it with the was pretty funny. I was surprised I hit it haha. But we waited for tranfers to begin. The new missionaries were in the chapel being paired with their trainers. There were so many sisters! It's so exciting. 22 new ones. And I also met Emillee Harbertson Morgan's cousin. She's sweet and she's got one of the best trainers. It's exciting to see all the sisters. Next tranfer we're going to be about 5 sisters and then we'll hit our maximum capacity for sisters....never thought that'd happen! Tranfer conference was truly crazy. They now have 10 zones, where we had 8 before and so many new sisters being doubled in. It was good to see some of the missionaries I haven't seen in a while. We got ready to go and got in the car and we heard this garggling noise but I thought it was the seatbelt...I looked and Sister Waddoups had one of those bugs on her back....I freaked out and she FREAKED out even more hahaha. It was so funny. I jumped out of the car and then got back in and laughed for 5 minutes before leaving. Boy that was funny to see! We met another less active that night too.
That's something that was really cool this week. We were able to meet a lot of less actives we haven't been able to contact since we've been here. But we met them and are excited to begin helping them.
We were able to meet a part member family this passed week too. The Petersons....but the way cool thing is Nancy Peterson who was Nancy McClellan used to live right down the street from us in Farmington...we began talking about it and her daughter, who is Jody's age went to Knowlton Elementary!!! So mom, if you could find one of my first yearbooks from elementary and look for a Nicole McClellan that'd be cool! It's such a small world. They are amazing people!
Wednesday we met our newest investigator and she came to church yesterday! She's a very sweet lady. I love her so much already. She hand crocheted some blankets and gave them to us! She's a sweet woman and we believe prepared to hear the gospel! Very excited about her! We also met a less active woman who's 80. She's got the first stages of Alzheimers and it touched my heart. As we were sitting there listening to her, she kept repeating herself over and over and I could just sit there all day and listen to her and not even care she was repeating herself. Of course it made me think of Grandpa. It was a touching moment.
We rode our bikes the past couple of days to save miles on our car and rode to the branch picnic about 7 miles away. It was fun to be able to spend some time with the branch members and talk to them. We did it at Wells Mills Park and they have a resevoir and so Sister Waddoups and I walked down to it. I'll send pictures because New Jersey's beauty is somethin else! I love it so much! The lake was so pretty. Awh I can't get enough of it. We rode a total of 88.3 miles on our bikes since being down here. My booty is sore!
Yesterday we had a family of about 30 at church for their family reunion which boosted our numbers haha. It was good to have a big crowd it. Brother Roberson gave an amazing talk on our Heavenly Father and how we can come to know him better. It almost brought me to tears. I've been feeling the spirit so strongly this passed week. It's been so cool to see that I am following the spirit and I am trying as hard as I can. I know that's there's always more that can be done but I'm trying and God sees that. :)
This gospel is true. I know it. Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. He restored the gospel for us today so we can be blessed and be able to obtain our full potential. When we turn our life over to God he will bless us so much more than money or anything could do. I'm so grateful for my Heavenly Father, for the trust he has in me to do this work. I love being a missionary and am trying to put all my effort into my work. It's been crazy to think that on Wednesday I've been out for 9 months serving my Savior. Time flies. I love all of you and am so grateful for your support. Hope you all have a fabulous week! :) Love you!
Sister Taylor

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