Sunday, June 9, 2013

Short week and temple excursion

Well, it seems kinda weird I'm writing you again this quick but there was so much that has happened since Wednesday I'm so excited to tell you all about it! It truly was one of the best weekends I had on my mission so far! Awh I love being a missionary.
So on Wednesday after we got back from emails we went to one of our less active members, we rode our bikes and were able to teach her about charity and love for those around her. I think it was really what she needed. Our dinner appointment canceled on us so we decided to walk just down from our apartment to check up on another less active. She wasn't there so a couple weeks ago we contacted a man outside his apartment and he said we could come back anytime. So we went and knocked on his door and he let us right in. He's such a cool guy! He's a single dad of two and definitely dedicated to them. He loves them with everything. He asked us the usual questions about what we're doing and all that and then he said "do you mind if I smoke right now?" We said no. He said he really wants to quit and I told him we can help him with that through the atonement of Jesus Christ. He doesn't haven't the strongest basis of who Christ is and so we're starting very basic with him but I know we're going to help him quit smoking. We had a really good discussion with him and finally got a new investigator! That was really exciting.
On Thursday we got to go to interviews with President and Sister Jeppson. Probs one of my favorite things just to be able to talk with them one on one. Our companionship was the last of 200 missionaries. They let us take all the left over food home. That was nice. But anyway it was really nice to be able to talk to President about the area and my companions and him asking me what I can do to push myself because I'm coming up on my halfway mark. It was just refreshing to talk to him. And then talking with Sister Jeppson is always so fun. She talked about stress and how we should wake up positive every day. She just makes me so happy whenever I see her. We got back and did weekly planning for the rest of the day.
Friday was truly incredible. I was so excited because we were heading up to go to the temple. We stayed in Jersey City because they were able to accomodate all three of us. We woke up and went and did service for one of our less actives. We took out a slab of grass so she can plant more flowers. She was very grateful for our help. I love doing service. We rode our bikes over there. It was such a beautiful day. Service is our in to some of these less actives. I truly love all the less actives here in Barnegat. We rode back and ate lunch and got ready to travel up to Jersey City. We got to take the train all the way up there. It was really cool to be on the train. First time for Sister Waddoups on a train. We drove an hour to the train station and then waited for the trains and rode them all the way up. We had a couple transfers which always stress me out but we got there safely. There were a couple of boys from Suffern (one of the towns in the New City area) but I didn't asked them if they knew some of the kids from the New City ward. We got to Jersey City and Sister Morrison picked us up. We stayed the night there and it was really good to see Sister Morrison again. Her companion and my companions went to an appointment and we went to another and ate some philippino food. It was bomb chicken rice and garbanzo beans. It was so nice to be able to talk to her! I love Sister Morrison with all my heart.
Saturday was a day I'll never forget. We woke up and went to workout right across from the New York Skyline. Totes legit. Love it. We got ready and drove up to New City. It's always so weird to go back to your old areas but so refreshing. It looks different there because of all the lush green and then beautiful trees. We got to the apartment and I rang Anne's doorbell to surprise her. She opened up the door and so gave me such a BIG hug! I love little Anne so much and it was nice to quickly see her. Tivynna and Kirsten Marie (Bishop Weiss' daughter) got there so we went out to meet them to go to the temple. Tivynna got out of the car and she gave me the biggest hug! It was so wonderful seeing her again. I really have missed her. It was really cool because later after Sister Ward and I got back from the temple she said "you are her missionary. She loves and misses you so much" That felt so good to hear her say that. Tivynna has touched my life. We drove into the city, went over the George Washington bridge which was so gnar. And parked close to the temple. We had a little bit of time before we had to be there so we walked around and took pictures with Tivynna. We got into the temple and I love the feeling from the city into the temple. It's so peaceful. We had to print of her mothers name so Sister Ward and I went to get that figured out. All we had was her name birthdate birthplace and death date and got up there and they said they couldn't print off the name without the barcode. It was Brother Corson who was working there (from the Mo-town ward) and he kept saying "oh no" I started praying my little heart out for them to figure something out and so they got onto newfamilysearch and somehow with Heavenly Father's help we were able to get her name. I told Sister Ward we need to say a prayer of graditude. So we got our baptismal clothes changed and went to go do confirmations. Tivynna had quite a few questions about what was going on. We got done with those and had to wait quite some time before the baptisms. As we were waiting people kept asking if we were the group from Morristown, we answered no, but I was so excited because I knew some of them were coming. I kept my eye on the door and was able to see some of the brothers from the Morristown ward. I went and gave them handshakes and told them to tell their wives hello. It was just so nice to be able to see them again. :)It was just able time for us to do the baptisms so we had Kirsten Marie go first so Tivynna wasn't the first one to go and not know what to do after she was done. Tivynna's turn. She did some temple names and then did her mothers name at the end. Sister Ward said she felt the spirit the strongest during the baptism, but the spirit hit me during the confirmation when they were saying "recieve the holy ghost" I know that her mother has accepted her work and Tivynna is so excited to do more work for her other family members! I love the temple. It truly is such a place of peace and comfort. We headed back to New City and had to wait for our train to leave. We got back at 2 but it didn't leave til four and my companions weren't answering the phone so Sister Ward and I went and talked to Elder Kay. When he opened the door and saw me he was so happy! It was good to talk to him again. I was so happy I was able to spend some time with Sister Ward again. She is killing it up in New City! Love to see that! We went to the train station in Spring Valley and were waiting for the train and happened to see Eli, our other recent convert, right before boarding the train. It was really nice to see him again. Then the train ride! We left and four and didn't get home until 9:30. I was pooped! But it was so totes worth it. I loved this weekend and it was so nice to be able to see Sister Morrison, Ward, Tivynna and all the others! I've truly made friends for ever!
Sunday was fast Sunday and it was a great testimony meeting. I was going to bear my testimony but decided not to and let the branch members bear there's. My companions taught the 2nd hour class on the Plan of Salvation and completely killed it! They did so awesome. They truly are such wonderful teachers. Sister Waddoups is so good at asking inspired questions and Sister Page is so sincere. I'm grateful for them. We were able to set up an appointment with a less active family that came to church again. That was great. We went and visited some of the members Sunday night. We were still fasting for quite some time and we were SO hungry when we got home. We all had a feast!
This gospel has changed my life. I love being able to witness people make convenants with our Heavenly Father and be able to see the growth in them. There's so much work to be done here and I'm so grateful for the trust God has in me! I'm so grateful for all of you and your support! Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you next week! Love you!
Sister T

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