Sunday, December 15, 2013


Well it has definitely been one of the craziest weeks on my mission so far. From saying goodbye to loved ones in Scotch Plains, to being doubled in, YET AGAIN, to a brand new area opened up to sisters, from a Thanksgiving dinner (THANKFULLY) and being so sore from the Turkey Bowl, breaking the knob for the hot water for the shower it has definitely been crazy. But I love this area so much. As you can see in the subject I'm now in Wrightstown New Jersey...back down South for me. But this time I'm ready to be down here. It's pretty cool because Dicou served down here and has been helping me with the area and what not so it's been fantastic.
Last monday was tough to say good-bye to some of the loved ones in Scotch Plains. I truly loved that area and the people there. Tuesday was transfer conference. It became really REAL to me that I'm actually going to be leaving. It was a tough transfer conference to say the least. As President began announcing the transfers I felt very strongly I was going to be coming down here and I was right. He started announcing the NEW ZONE 11 and said Wrightstown and I stood up as he was saying it. My new companion is Sister Gaihe from Cebu in the Philippines. She's so sweet and so nice. I'm excited to work with her down here. Quick funny story, as we were driving back home from Thanksgiving dinner she said "what is that smell?" If you know the south or any rural area it smells like 'crap', the nicest way to put it so I said "that's poop." We busted up laughing! She isn't used to this and as we drive she said "it's so pretty". I love it. She's actually my 'granddaughter' in mission terms. Sister Ward trained her up in New City and now I'm her companion. There's another Sister Taylor as well that just came out that's comps with a Philippina, kinda ironic!
So after transfers were all announced we heard departing testimonies from the missionaries going home. It hit home like I mentioned. I was able to keep it in for a long time. Mo went home and shared a great testimony, the whole day she kept telling me not to cry. I did good. Until the end..where we sang 'God Be With You Til We Meet Again'. President has been having the departing missionaries stand up at the front and we sing to them. He came and sat by me and said 'how are you doing?' I said I was fine and that I'm keeping it in. He said he was watching me and then the song came and the tears flowed. Yay. We luckily fit all our stuff in the car and headed down for the next two hours SOUTH. We made it to our apartment and moved everything in for the next hour. We didn't get situated until 10 pm. Boy were my arms sore! I'm going to love it down here, I know it.
Wednesday we had district meeting in Toms River. It felt good to go back. Sister Maclay is down in Barnegat so I saw her again. That was nice. District meeting was great. I'm just happy to be here. I've had some weird deja-vu's about the area so I know I'm supposed to be here. Traveling in the south takes forever, that's what we pretty much did the rest of the day.
Thursday was THANKSGIVING. We went up to Princeton to play in the Turkey Bowl. It was really fun. There were so many more sisters there than last year! It's exciting. It was cold but warmed up as we played of course. After that we came home got ready and went to our first members home for dinner, the Sufias. Already love them. It was Sister Gaihe's first Thanksgiving. Pretty cool. We came back home. We've been so exhausted ever since we got here, still trying to catch up.
Friday we met with our ward mission leader, Brother Melin at his house and then had leftovers for lunch with his family. They are a cute great little family. We went and met some of the less actives after that. We also met with our investigators and taught a quick lesson. Then more traveling.
So the area that we cover is part of the military base, Fort Dix so we had to go get passes for the base. We did that on Saturday. We went onto the base and met another member family and had dinner with them. It's so cool to be on the base. Reminds me of Hill Air Force base. I'm just so happy to be here.

Sunday was great! The ward is so awesome and our dinner calendar was FILLED up.  We met many of the members. They are so awesome. We met our other investigator Sandy who's going to be baptized on Dec 31st! We're excited for that. After we went and met with Sandy and her husband, who's a member and they gave us a nice tour of their house. We also had dinner with another member family, The Morrow's. We had cafe rio salad dressing and it made me really happy! It was like home :)
I love this area. I'm grateful to be here. I know the church is true. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He translated the Book of Mormon for us. It gives us power. I'm so happy to be a missionary at this time when the Lord is Hastening His Work! Thanks for all your support! I love you all so much! Have a great week! I can't believe its DECEMBER! AHHH

Sister Taylor

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