Monday, November 25, 2013

The seed planter

Well first things first. Today is the last day for me in this area, SP2N....I'm really going to miss it....I've been avoiding getting emotional and have been hiding my tears with other things..It's going to be hard to leave. Luckily I had a sense that I was leaving and got a confirmation on Thursday, because SCOT got a call to train. It was at 8:23 in the morning and I couldn't focus the rest of the day...oops! I was able to say good-bye to a lot of the members yesterday at church. Again, hiding the fact that I'm leaving. I'll send some pictures of some of the ward members I got pictures with. This ward is the BEST!

The week was great. We met with Mark a couple times during the week. On Tuesday we met with him in the freezing cold. We asked how he felt after his baptism and everything and he said "strong and clean" He said that he wrote down those feelings after his baptism. He's going to be such a great member of the church. We also saw him on Thursday where we met him for lunch at our new favorite place 'And Grain'. He really enjoyed it. We talked about the priesthood and temples and he's going to get the priesthood pretty quick. :) That makes me happy. We also talked about him going to BYU....we'll see what happens with that. That would be so great for him!

I don't really even remember what went on this week because it's been a whirlwind of emotions in my mind. I'm excited to be going to another place to help more of God's children. I know that many of you have mention that I've been a seed planter but that's completely confirmed...I haven't served in an area longer than 3 transfers. I quickly do the work and get out so others can cultivate the seeds.. And SCOT is going to have an awesome opportunity to do that as she trains. This area is starting to be on fire and I'm excited for her to continue it. :)


Friday was great. Since SCOT had to go to the trainers meeting I had to go with some other sisters and had the privilege of going back to my first area Morristown...they split the area so I was in Madison and Chatham again but I was so happy to be back. We talked about the people they've been working with and ward members and it made me so happy to be there. We went to go try Carrie, one of the investigators that I found down there but unfortunately she wasn't home :( then we went and saw Brother Robinson again, he was the one in the hospital with MS and I don't know if he quite remembered me but it was so great to go back and see him. He touched my heart many times going there. We went and tried a member but she wasn't home so we went to a deli, Mo and I tried one of my last weeks there that was so great! Again, it was delicious. I went back and picked up SCOT and headed back to our area. We went and taught a pretty bold lesson to one of our investigators. She's ready to be baptized she just has to wait for a few things. But since I knew it was my last time teaching her, I was pretty bold. Told her that if she didn't come to church we couldn't meet with her again. She came to church :)


Saturday morning we went and raked Sister Ashton's yard. I love raking... I think I mentioned that last week but I really love it. We raked just about her whole yard. She said it was the cleanest she'd ever seen her yard. I was so happy to do that for her. She took us out to lunch at a buffet. She's touched my life. I love her so much and care about her so much. Sister Dicou said something to me before she left and I wrote in one of my planners. I was looking back on them this past week and in the inside cover of the planner it said "love them 'til it hurts." That's exactly how I feel with the people here. Especially Sister Ashton. It's going to be hard for me to leave here. She wrote me another note expressing her gratitude and love for me. After that we went and visited another member and then went and had dinner with another member. He took us out to eat to an Italian place. I got a calzone and boy can anybody say CHEESE! That thing was loaded with cheese. I couldn't even finish it there was so much cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese, geez!


Sunday was a crazy last Sunday for me. I asked Sister Ashton to come to church with me for my last Sunday and she said she would. Cool thing was, her son, Jacob, was already planning on coming without her. But they came and I was able to sit my Sashton. I said the opening prayer for the last time there. Mark was confirmed a member and it was awesome. SCOT leaned over to him after and asked how he felt and he said "really good." That brought a big smile to my face. As we began the sacrament hymn, a couple people noticed one of the older guys in the ward up on the stand. He had passed out and was becoming pale really quick. Soon, everyone there saw him. Bishop went out to call 911 and the organist stopped the music. His wife was sitting next to him and punch him in the chest to wake him up, but no response. Jacob, Sister Ashton's son, was a first responder and ran up there. Many other people went up onto the stand. He woke up and he walked out into the foyer. An ambulance came and picked him up. It was really scary to see that and the tone of the sacrament changed after that. He's doing fine now which is good. :) Sister Denninghoff spoke on our physical and spiritual heritage and it was amazing. I love her so much! Sunday school was good we talked about baptisms for the dead and Jacob was in there. Sheena, one of our investigators made baked ziti for the class and it was BOMB! Relief Society was great too. I LOVE CHURCH. We had a few last lessons for me here in SP2N. I'm really going to miss it. But I've done some great work here. Onto the next one! I love you all and thanks so much for your support! Have a Happy Thanksgiving....hope I can find a place quick to go :) haha Don't worry mom, I'll be fine :)



Sister Christine Taylor....the 'seed-planter'

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