Monday, January 14, 2013


My goodness. First I'd like to thank all of you for your mail this week. I love love LOVE getting mail from you guys every week. They truly brighten up my day. I love hearing about everything that's going on. I have to first give a shout-out to Kimber..I'm seriously so excited for you to go to the temple and recieve your endowment. It truly is such a remarkable place and truly the House of the Lord. You'll have to tell me all about it. Dad, I can kinda relay to you about how much work you're doing in the temple. Our days are definitely long here and I'm beat. But every morning I still get up and do my little workout (yes, at 4:30 am your time, still staying strong). I'm happy to see that mom's still crying and that Michelle is using some of my stories in Young Womens. I love hearing that.

I wanted to start off by saying how special is my calling. Yesterday as Sister Morrison and I were driving in the car, I passed a sign that said New York City and I was like "Woah, I'm in New Jersey, as a missionary for my Heavenly Father" It is so amazing to know that I'm progressing God's work here. I love it so much! This week was a little bit different than others Sister Morrison has been sick so we haven't been out a whole lot. Even though I know my time should of consisted of a little bit more studying I got caught up in making t-shirts for some sisters before they leave. They're pretty sick...I must say. I'll send a picture of what they look like... (And sister Dicou and Lowry, if you want one I'd be more than happy to make you one :)) I hope that you guys recieved my Book of Mormon character list. It's really cool and I love that I can go back and reference it whenever I need to know who someone is.

We had a zone meeting on Tuesday and our monthly focus is on Charity and how we can all have more in our lives. We had to get up and say what we loved about our companions. Then they said if you need to spend a little bit more time getting to know your companion that is one of the most important that day sister Morrison's leg was really hurting her so we decided to bond....and color my hair :/ We tried blonde once.....and it wasn't blonde enough so we went back and got more. I'd like to describe my hair color as Kimber's hair color now. So I feel like we've just been playing tag with our hair back and forth. But I really like's different but it's good. Pictures to come. I'll probably change it back before I get home but that's quite a ways a away so I have time haha :) So that was fun. Sister Morrison is incredible. That bonding time really has helped our friendship and companionship grow. I'm really grateful to have been companions with her. Every companion or friend you come in contact with...sometimes it takes a while to figure out why God put them in your life...but they're all there for a reason. To help you grow stronger and stronger.. so we can all make it back and live with our Father in Heaven again :)

I know Dad has asked about the teaching. That is going good. Unfortunately our baptism won't be happening this weekend because she hasn't attended church three times. She's been overloaded at work and so we kinda gave her a little break but we're going to be getting back in touch with her soon and continue to teach her. Cary, the one that made the beanies, is definitely progressing! She is reading to really find an answer..she's looking for a religion in her life. She told us "you girls are putting the work in to help me, so I better be putting the work in to find the answers." So she said she set some time aside each day to read! I love her..I expressed that I felt such a quick connection with her when I met her. I said "you and my mom would be best friends!" I know I met her for a reason and I'm so grateful for the spirit contining to work with her. She has a bad back but committed to come to church when God gives her a good Sunday! We've been praying and will continue to pray for her to have a "good Sunday" so she can attend church. We're working with a lot of less-active members and we got a family (except the dad) come to church yesterday. You could tell she was overwhelmed but we sat with them and kept her little girls company and quiet. She's got three little girls and a little baby boy and she are so cute! The 7 year old called us to repentance when we went and visited them, she said "are we gonna talk about God or are we just going to sit here and talk all day?" It was really funny. She is the driving force to get that whole family back to church. I love her attitude. Yesterday she drew on a piece of paper..."I love church" Just like you were saying mom, the things you teach the little kids is incredible. And they remember that stuff you teach them. I love seeing the Lords work!

Before I end, I was reading in Alma this past week and I read about Alma and Amulek and the faith they had. They were teaching and Zeezrom and many others thought they were teaching and being influenced by the devil. As we all know, they later watch the believers, woman and chilren, be burned for their belief. Then they were sent to prison, as I'm studying faith in the Book of Mormon, I realize how much faith Alma and Amulek had. It says in the scriptures twice "according to their faith". I can see my faith being strengthened as I read the words from the Book of Mormon and continually pray for more faith. I have a testimony that without faith, nothing could be accomplished. Faith is the basis of believing. I know God loves us. I know that we can live with Him and Jesus Christ again. I know prayer is real and when we pray with real intent, we will get SO much more out of it. I love all of you so much! Thanks for the great examples you are to me! Continually praying for you! Hope you all have such a good week and the snow slows down! It's been beautiful here as Dad has said!


Sister Taylor :)

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