Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lovin' Scotch Plains

Lets just say, God is good! I love my new companion and things are happening here in Scotch Plains. So much to say. It was such a great week of work. We'll begin on Tuesday with transfer conference. Mac and I headed a little early and had some lunch with a few of the other girls that were getting transferred. Transfer conference was great! There were just two missionaries leaving and Elder Smith, the one that I was told to look for when I came out, left. I told him to go say hello to all of you. Anyway, President began announcing the transfers and started up at the top and got down to zone 6, my zone and announced my new companion, Sister Cottrell from Henderson, Nevada and I already love her so much! She's so ready to work and that's just what I need. And she's OOBER smart. She went to the University of Utah for bio-medical engineering.  Really excited to work with her this transfer. We've gotten along really fast and man I just love her! After transfer conference, we went to see Mark. Scot (Sister Cottrell) connected with him so fast. We talked about testimony and what it is and how we can strengthen it. I asked him if he's been praying on his knees and if he's had a calendar open to see which date pops out to him and he said no. So we specifically committed him to do that and he said he would. That made me happy. And I'm happy to say that night he text us "just prayed on my knees with the calendar out and the 17th stands out" So now we're hoping and praying so hard that he will be baptized on November 17th. He came to church but only for the first hour so we're going to see what's up with that. We went to Chili's with a member and her non-member husband and he asked us questions the whole time. He's not interested right now but I think we gave him a good vibe about the Latter-Day Saints and the missionaries.

Wednesday was an amazing day! We met with our less active (who's going to be active VERY FAST) he told us his story and how the church is what he was missing in his life. He kept telling us, I need to keep my temple recommend back and all the other things. He's so ready to dive back into the gospel it's incredible to see. I love that! He fed us pizza, always love the pizza here. I won't be able to eat it out there.. Then we went and checked up on the media referral we got (the one that sent it to us again because of the wrong address) and boom, his mother and him are our new investigators! Funny story: so this kid was referred by his girlfriend and she had the wrong address so we got the right one. We knocked on the door and waited some time before he answered. It was slightly awkward but we got in. His mother was sitting in another room so we kinda just started talking to him. She came into the room to tell us she was going to take a shower...she walked out of the room and a few seconds later she came back in and asked "do you mind if I sit in and listen to what you're teaching my son?" Of course we replied absolutely you can! (Pretty sure the spirit hit her and told her to come back in) So we got the story from him....his girlfriend, who he met online, is a member and a Sister MISSIONARY! Holla. You can tell he really loves her so he's open to hearing what she believes in. We are going to try and get her information so we can coordinate with her to continue to encourage him. Small world but it was quite cool. And his mother is so interested too. We gave her a Book of Mormon in Spanish and we're meeting with them tomorrow! Exciting! We went to another part member/less active ladies house and picked up her 3 nieces as well as new investigators. So 5 new inv in two lessons! WOO HOO! Miracles.

Thursday was weekly planning...that takes some time..I finally did a little walking again on a walking day. We went to a couple people but ended up at the senior missionaries, the Fullmers home for our cream and popcorn. But it was healthly so it was okay. We went over so Sister Cottrell could meet them. I love em!

Friday was another great day. We had district meeting and the trunk or treat with the ward. We went and helped a less active with service. I've become quite close with her. I love her so much! The people here I've grown to love so much and will be sad to leave Scotch Plains. But living it up here! The trunk o treat was pretty cute. Definitely some sweet outfits from the little kids. And some of our ward members invited their non-member friends which made me so happy!

Saturday another great day of lessons. I just want to say the gospel is true. The spirit leads and guides us and God loves us so much! Words can't express the gratitude I have for my Savior and how much I've learned about him by being out here! We went over to Grandma Joyce's and had a great lesson with her and her daughter, Donna (who just got out of the mental hospital) and her grandson, Travis. All of them were at church yesterday and I had a pretty big smile on my face!

Sunday was one of the best ones I've had on my mission. The spirit was powerful in the sacrament meeting, the talks were great and we had a lot of people there! One of the speakers talked about testimony and was so bold and loving and powerful. We had 3 investigators and 5 less actives at church! Big smile on this girls face! We got to go to the youths sunday school and watched the restoration and testified about Joseph Smith and the restoration. The teacher, after the class said "the spirit is so much stronger with you missionaries in the room." We kinda laughed and she said "no, serious, whenever my family and I watched this at home it hasn't been as powerful as it has been with you in the room." That made me happy. We, as missionaries, have power. We are representatives of our Savior Jesus Christ and bring his power. Never thought of that before much but it's true and it makes me so happy :) We had a linger longer and those are always yummy. We went and taught three lessons after church and had a GREAT lesson with one of our investigators. It's a part member, where the dad isn't a member. Cutest little family. We taught about the plan of salvation. At the end of the lesson Sister Cottrell looked at him and said "Fritz, what would you do to have eternal life with your family?" "I'd do anything" was his reply. We testified so strongly that this is the true church and where he can be sealed in the temple to his family. We asked him to pray this week to know the truth and hopefully he can get an answer.

Like I said, things are happening here. New companion and new investigators and an increased faith. I'm so excited for this transfer with Sister Cottrell. Awhh words can't express how happy I am. I love you all! Hope you all have a great week!




Sister Christine Taylor


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