Sunday, November 3, 2013


Transfers are tomorrow and I'll be staying in Scotch Plains. Sister Maclay will be transferred and I'll get a new companion tomorrow. It's gonna be a change but I'm ready for it. Sister Maclay and I thought I was going to be the one transferred but nope it was her. Crazy how Heavenly Father works sometimes. We did have some pretty cool miracles this past week.
We've been really working trying to find new people to teach and also continuing to work with the ones we have. We found some new investigators. Well, we did have two but one had to be dropped. He wasn't all the way there but we contacted him and he lets us come back the next day. We taught him the restoration and committed him to come to church. He said he needed to come back as we were extending the invitation the dad came out and interrupted the lesson. It was really awkward because the guy was saying he needed to go back to church. We called him on Saturday to check up on how his prayers were going and Sister Maclay got a mouth-full about saying we should really consider our approach to random people on the streets. It was interesting. Needless to say we won't be going back over to his house anytime soon.
Also, we have been getting media referrals like crazy lately. We got one from a girl and so we went and checked up on her. Totally legit. We started talking to her and she told us that some of the Elders went into her work (Modell's) and started talking to her boss and he didn't really want anything to do with what they were saying but as they were leaving she stopped them and they gave her a card. She referred herself on and said she's been looking for a new church to go to. She said her church is preachin too much law stuff. She said she went on and read about the restoration and Joseph Smith and believes it's true. She even downloaded the app on her phone and started reading before we even got over there. It was gnarly! We taught one of the best restoration lessons together and committed her to baptism on November 10th. She said "well, I've already been baptized" and the spirit took over and we address the priesthood authority. She understood and said well I guess my baptism in my other church was probably "just a good bath in the church". It was really cool to have the spirit work and explain the priesthood authority to her. She was going to come to church but unfortunately she couldn't. But we'll get her there again. 
We also got a media referral, he was a member, he recently retired and is yearning to have the gospel back in his life. We went up and checked on him and he opened up the door and there laid like 20 Book of Mormon's. He said whenever someone comes over he hands it out to them. Missionary! Boom. It was great. He said he missed the church and that he's planning on coming back into full activity. He was at church yesterday and loved it! I love that!
The last referral was one that we already recieved. The address from the first one was incorrect and when we recieved the second one it was the right address. It's just so cool to see how many people want the gospel in their lives and when we weren't able to get over there (because it was the wrong address), they referred themselves again! It's so cool to see that :)
Other than that we had a great week. I can't really remember all that we did because I left my planner back home. We taught the gospel :)
Mark is still looking for the right baptismal date. He's praying about it and I'm hoping that we can really help him this upcoming transfer to get him baptized! Continue to pray for him. He's amazing. We have a team-up coming out with us tomorrow that we're hoping he can connect with and pick a date!
Oh and we went and saw Mary-Ann, the little 8 year old that got baptized two weeks ago. Some stuff went down with her parents (they're separated) and the mother didn't want her to be baptized. She didn't voice that til after the fact it was already done. We went and taught them a lesson and both Mary Ann and her father Brother Ellis are happy with the choice she made. It's just sad to see that she didn't voice anything til after. It was a good lesson with her on the Holy Ghost. 
Man, I love teaching the gospel. I'm ready and excited for this new change. Both Sister Maclay and I needed something to change and I'm glad Heavenly Father answered our prayers. This field here in Scotch Plains is "white and ready to harvest" and I'm so glad I still have the opportunity to work here. It's crazy how fast time is going. Before we know it it'll be Thanksgiving, them Christmas, New Years and then booom! We won't say what happens next!
Thanks for all the support from all of you! I love you all so much! Continue to be those examples in your everyday life! 
Until next week

Sister Taylor

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