Monday, March 18, 2013

Well hello and thank you for all your letters! I truly appreciate them! And thank you dad for your letter! I truly appreciate hearing from all of you!

Well to let you know we're back in Morristown doing emails because we're having a basketball tourney thingy today and so I thought we'd come down a little early and do emails. Plus I can get the pictures you've sent me onto my zip disk because I can't in New City. So it's all good. Feels weird to be back and know it's not my area anymore but it's still exciting!

This week we have the amazing privilage to have Elder Christofferson and Elder Callister here to speak to us. It's going to be such an incredible experience to hear from one of our Heavenly Father's apostles. That's on Saturday! I'm super pumped! Awh so cool.

I did get word also that your package you sent mom has arrived safely. Thank you so much for that!

Alright. Now to last week. It was a lot different than usual. We had a couple days where we didn't teach any lessons, because we were at specialized training all day Wednesday and there was a snow storm on Thursday to Friday and we were a little sketched out to drive but more about that later. Last p day it was nice. Our cute little neighbor Anne took us to a couple stores to get some food. She took us to a nice produce market and we loaded up on the fruits and veggies. Holla! We visited her later in the week to see how she was doing and right before we left she said "now, stop trying to save my soul." We're working really slow with her haha. She's great. We also got permission to attend a play one of our investigators is in this week and we're very excited. We are really hoping that she sees we really care and support her and hopefully that'll encourage her to baptism!

Tuesday was zone meeting and it was fantastic. Our monthly focus as a mission is Faith and I couldn't be more happy. Sister Ward and I need A LOT of faith to find those prepared people. But we're eager and excited. Oh yeah, and since it was daylight savings time we feel a lot more safe at night so that's good. Tuesday we went to have dinner with the bishop and talk to him about his goals for the ward and also our goals. He kinda wants us tracting and knocking on doors all day but that isn't exactly what we have in mind. Missionary work truly comes from the members and their efforts and that's what we're trying to go for. We're so ready and excited to start really getting to work. Like I said on Wednesday we had specialized training and it was so good! I love hearing from President and Sister Jeppson whenever they talk. It was fun to see all the new missionaries and it's just going to get bigger than this! It's so exciting. The Lord is truly hastening his work! Wednesday night we heard of a bad snow storm coming in but it didn't start until Thursday of course....walking day.

We did our weekly planning and then went out to go check up on some people. In the wasn't too cold which was good but it was wet. And my boots aren't the best winter boots but it's a-okay! We walked quite a bit and then we went and met the new senior couple in New City. Elder and Sister Kay from Bountiful Utah! They're awesome and ready to work. (She waterproofed my boots!) We ate tacos with them for dinner and talked about the ward.

Friday it was still snowing and I couldn't believe it when I woke up. It snowed for so long but these past two days have been absolutely gorgeous! Up in the 60's. I can't wait for spring to really come. I hope that was the last snow storm. We really wanted to get a basis for the 15 page ward list we had so we took time on Friday and called every number we have...that took quite some time and lets just say...we left a lot of messages! That night we went and visited some ward members which was great. I really love this ward!

Saturday the Elders had a baptism and so we attended that. It was awesome to see two young kids enter the waters of baptism. I love seeing people being baptized into the church. It's just so great! They had a little fiesta after and we served the food to the people. The food was really good! Dominicans know how to cook. :)

Sunday we spoke in sacrament on the third article of faith. I talked about obedience to the laws and ordinances part of the article and it was good. Sister Ward did a great job as well. I really love Sister Ward so much. It's been so fun training her. She's so easy to get along with and she's hilarious! I just love her so much! We also gave the lesson in sharing time for the senior primary and that was fun. We talked about the third article of faith again. I love and can see why you love teaching the kids mom. They're great! After church we went and sang with the elderly because we're going to be in their talent show. We practiced I know that My Redeemer Lives and I'm pretty sure the spirit touched everyone in the singing group. I can't wait to record the talent show and send it so you can watch it! They are an awesome bunch! We are going to sing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog for them too but we're going to change the lyrics. :) I'm so excited!

This week I have been reading about the Tree of Life and finished 1 Nephi. I love reading the Book of Mormon everyday. It truly guides us and comforts us in our lives. I read one verse that has stuck out to me 1 Nephi 15:24. I know that if we read from the Book of Mormon every single day of our lives, we will never fall away. We will be so much more happy and want to help others. That's my little spiritual thought this week. I'm so grateful for the blessing this gospel has provided me. On Wednesday I was talking to President about having to change and go to a completely new area. And I told him, I love it. Everything we do in life prepares us for something down the road. I'm so grateful to know that my Heavenly Father loves me, he looks out for me and protects me. I know Christ lives and he died for me. I know I can turn to him in my joy and trials. What a blessing this church is. Sometimes I don't know the words to say because I've been so blessed with the gospel in my life. I love you all so much! Thanks for the support you give me! I'll talk to you next week! Peace and Blessings!


Sister Christine Taylor

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