Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of course, another great week.

This week has been so amazing! We had so much to do. Trainings teaching laughing and so much more. Monday was the day the new missionaries got here. SO MANY NEW MISSIONARIES! 26 to be total and half of them were Sisters. It's so exciting to get so many sisters. I love it. It was a cold fear buster again but it was great. I fear busted a girl named Sister Varble from Harrisville and she did go great. It's so awesome to see these young missionaries be so prepared to share the gospel. We gave out a Book of Mormon and it was great. I love doing the fear busters. It was cold like I said and it started snowing pretty bad. We carpooled down to Newark with the Fardale sisters and went to get something to eat after. While we were eating we got a text from the Zone Leaders telling us we couldn't drive anymore so it looked like we were going to stay at the Fardale Sisters apartment. Which we did. We didn't have any clothes and no bedding but it was still great. It was fun. Those sisters are a lot of fun. The roads were pretty bad too but don't you worry. I was careful and we got back to their apartment safely. Lets just say my nights sleep wasn't the most comfy. I didn't have a pillow but it's all good.

Tuesday it was transfer conference but since sister Ward and I weren't going we were able to go and visit our investigator. We traveled back to our apartment and then went and visited Jackie. We taught her the Restoration, and I couldn't focus that great because her son was yelling but it's okay. Sister Ward extended a baptismal invitation but she interrupted her and said something about her family in Haiti. But she says she wants to get baptized so we just have to get down to business. We also got to meet a Less-Active members on Tuesday and it was really good to meet her. She was at the Relief Society dinner on Saturday night so it was great. We got to go eat dinner with Mike and Carol (the ones from the airplane) and we had a really good time. Dad, you'd enjoy Mike's company. I walked into their house and he had animals posted up on the wall. I took a picture so I'll send it. They are such a great family. They asked so many questions about the church. And we had some good italian food. Pasta and bread and oh it was yummy. Their daughter, Lucy, got home and she was really excited to meet us. She started asking so many questions and it was a really good time. She's into family history which is so rad. She's heard about the library in SLC and wants to visit there. I really hope we can continue to teach them because they'd be such strong members. I took a picture with them and I'll send that as well.

Wednesday we had a great district meeting. Our zone kinda got switched up and got more SISTERS! We're mostly in the same district but Sister Wright and Boshard are now in our district. Sister Wright is going home soon. (And Jody, she said she's going to come to your house, just so she can hold Grant.) Just saying :) We had to drop a new investigator because she was a J-Dub and was a missionary for them for a long time. She just wanted to preach to us, so I was pretty bold and told her we could get out of her house right then. I need to be more loving....But it needed to happen. I'm not here to waste the Lord's time. I need to find the elect and prepared. We met a very nice woman outside of a apartment complex and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was curious to read it. We'll see what happens. :)

Thursday we taught another one of our investigators and she's such a sweet heart. Sister Ward committed her to baptism but she doesn't understand why she needs to be re-baptized but we'll resolve that. She's so nice and read so much of the Book of Mormon already. It was supposed to be our walking day but our area is so big so after that we went to an area and checked on all the ward members. None of them were interested or home. But we did have the sweet opportunity to be right on the shore line of the Hudson river and see the Tappan Zee Bridge. It was gorgeous. Definitely going back down there! :) \

Friday and Saturday were definitely exactly what I needed right at this point in my mission. We had Leadership Training both days from 8-4 and boy were they long but fantastic! We woke up early at 5:30 both days to get down to Morristown in time. We carpooled with the Fardale Sisters again which was great. The trainings were awesome and we did a ton of role plays and gained so much revelation for the people in our area. It was long but so good. There was a lot of snacks and lunch and just being with all the new missionaries was great! I'm so impressed my the new missionaries and what they know. It was long but I'm so grateful for it. It helped me understand that just the basics are enough. We had the Relief Society dinner on Saturday night we went to and it was awesome to be there with a lot of the sisters. I love this ward so much!

Sunday was great too! I love partaking of the sacrament. The lessons were great and I felt the spirit so strongly. We went to sing with the Elderly and have the Talent Show this upcoming week. I'm so excited to participate in that and be able to sing a Easter hymn and well as some other songs with the Elderly. We went and visited a member of our ward that has been sick and had a really good lesson with her. Her daughter fed us Palau from Trinidad and Tobago. It was so delicious! We then went to a part member families home and the member wasn't there but we taught the non member the restoration. There were some distractions with her kids but we extended a baptismal invitation with her as well but she doesn't understand why she needs to be re-baptized. She's ready though.

I'm grateful for my mission. I'm grateful to be where I am and to be who I am. I'm a daughter of God. He loves me and cares about me so much! I've been reading in Mosiah this week and the scriptures are so powerful. Mosiah is probably my favorite book. I love King Benjamin. I know it's the word of God. Abinadi was the man. Being able to give up his life because he wouldn't go contrary to the commandments. What faith. I know I'm strengthening my faith being out here. As well as my testimony in general. Thanks for all the support you give me. I love you all so much! Until next week. :)

Sister Taylor


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