Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Letter

First words from Sister Taylor from the MTC...."Holy crap!"  She's doing great!  We recieved a letter on Saturday.  I was at work and Jody text me to tell me, "We got a letter,"  I wasn't sure if she meant she did or we did at home.  She confirmed that We got one at home.  As soon as I got home, I read it.  So great to hear from her so soon.  You never know when you're going to get that first letter. 

Here's some of what she had to say..........Holy Crap!  I've only been gone one day and I am loving it so far.  It really is awesome here, the spirit here is incredible.  So as I walked away, I was greeted with a Sister that showed me around, took me to my room, got my badge and went to my classroom and met my companion.  Her name is Sister Emilie Christine! Roper from Lakewood, Colorado.  She's cool, has a great testimony.  Like I said, the sprirt is amazing.  The people are so nice and it's because they are striving to come closer to Christ.  I think the biggest thing I'm nervous about is following the promptings of the Spirit, I know he will guide me and I have to constantly be praying for his constant comfort and companionship. 

I want you to know I didn't cry as I got into the MTC, because this is where I'm supposed to be.  I feel so comfortable and so right, here.  Granted it's tough to leave, but I know you and I will be blessed for my time serving the Lord,.  I know this church is true and I can't wait to find out so much more about this gospel.  Love you! 

Sister Taylor

Sister Taylor also mentioned she'd seen quite a few familiar faces.  She sat with her cousin, Elder Chris Stevens, for dinner one of the first nights.  She wanted me to let everyone know about and let you know that you can write there for free and they print the letters out for her at the MTC.  I know you can use that even after she gets to New Jersy but it costs the price of the stamp anyway, and I'm not sure how fast they get them out in the field.  But it is free in the MTC.  You need her mailbox number which is 156, NJ-MOR 1008.  Be sure to hit the ProveMTC(Free) button to send the free emails. 

Her address when she reaches New Jersey will be
Sister Chrsitine Elaine Taylor
New Jersey Morristown Mission
1719 Route 10 Ste 309
Parsippany, NJ 07054-4519

This is the general mailing address for her mission so if you ever lose her physical address , you can always mail letters (and packages) to this address.  She will always get these. 

She thanks everyone for their continued support and so do I. 

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