Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today was the big day, Christine entered the MTC.  We have had a wonderful last couple of days with Christine.  She spent the weekend with Kirk and I in Boise for a softball tournament.  When arriving home, most of the family spent the next couple of evenings with Christine.  Tuesday night, after everyone had left, we packed all the stuff she'll need for the next 18 months in two suitcases.  Wednesday morning we woke up and packed her two suitcases in the trunk and started our convoy to Provo.  In tow, we had Mom and Dad, Kimber, Jody, Eric, Grant, Melissa, Barry and Tacy, oh and of course Christine.  We ate lunch together at Cafe Rio, one last time, Christine doesn't think there are any Cafe Rio's in New Jersery, so that's why she chose it.  After lunch we headed up the MTC, we took some pictures around the temple and in front of the MTC.  (Pictures to follow)  We met up with Christine's cousin Chris from Virginia who was also entering the MTC and took more pictures and then said our good byes.  Drop off is much different then it was when Brad went on his mission.  We now pull in to a drive, in front of the MTC, open your trunk, remove luggage, and send your missionary on their way.  She went happily and excited but with some tears.  We love you Christine and will miss you, do great things! 

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