Monday, September 24, 2012

First Letter from the MTC

Today is my P-day! We got to attend the temple this morning which was a nice break and relaxation from the MTC. I've kinda just been relaxing today and did some laundry. All of the sisters except Sister Roper did our laundry together since we don't have a ton.
I would prefer dearelder just because I will get the letter the same day you print it. As well as all my friends and then I won't have to waste all my internet time reading the emails rather than writing back to you guys. So if you could just tell anyone who wants to write me, write on dearelder and I'll be able to write them back during the week in hand written letters rather than emails.
I don't know and can't remember if I wrote in the letter but I saw Courtney Judkins as well. It was awesome seeing her. And crazy crazy thing, there was only one priest in Taft, California when I was down there and I saw him here in the MTC!!! Elder Vega, it's good to see his testimony is still strong and he is now going to go out and serve the Lord. It was comforting to see him. I've see others that I recognize here and it's awesome. I did get your little package and I appreciate it a lot. I don't know if all the jerky will be gone but I already opened up some fruit snacks an opened up the books. They are so cute! I love those two little angels and am thinking about them often! It still hasn't quite hit me that I won't see you guys for that long, but it just makes it that more exciting!
The crazy thing about it here is I felt so comfortable the moment I got here. The Elders and Sisters are so welcoming and it was awesome. I've had my moments of frustration but those will soon dwindle away. Saturday was a tough night for me, Sister Roper and I had to teach an "investigator" and it was tough. But practice makes perfect.
Yesterday was incredible! We had a packed day, we went to sacrament and hear some great talks from our Branch presidency. After we had a few hours of study time and I studied prayer. Something I read in the bible dictionary really pointed out to me. It said: "Many times are prayers are unanswered because they don't follow Christ's attitude, but they follow the selfishness of man." That's not word for word, but you can look it up. That really stuck out to me. After we had a little district meeting and Brother Robinson (counselor in our zone) talked to us about the doctrine of Christ. They really simplified it for me. We had some more studying and then went to the Temple Dedication which was awesome. I fell asleep for the first two speakers but L. Tom Perry and President Boyd K. Packer really brought it home. I feel like since this Temple was dedicated and so close to Pres. Packer, he won't last much longer. He was crackin jokes, it was awesome. But when we all came together and sang The Spirit of God, that's what hit home. Having so many missionaries sing that, was so great! It almost brought tears to my eyes. Okay it brought a couple tears. But it was incredible! Then we had the MTC devotional with Brother Allen and he talked about our missionary power we possess. He gave five points on missionary power: We are called and set apart, we have The Word of God, the Holy Ghost, our testimonies and our obedience and character. He was funny and a great speaker!
I will say dearelder letters will be great so I can read them over the week and not spend all my time readin the emails in my time I can write them.
This gospel is true. I know it is. I can't wait to teach that to people and help them come unto Christ. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I love this gospel and can't wait to learn more about it. God be with you til we meet again! Love you family! Hope you enjoy this!! :)

Seeester Taylor!

Thanks for your support


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