Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Loving the MTC just about ready to head to NJ

So as you can see in the subject, I have switched to the spanish mission in New Jersey! Ha, your girl got jokes. I'm just kidding. I'm still all english and loving it! So I've kinda broken this email down into sections of family that has written me so I hope I can answer all of your wonderful questions. Lets start with:
Dad: I did see that picture of Whitney and I before I left. I really do love that picture! You might be surprised but I have opened and eaten almost all of the food you guys sent me, except for the jerky. But it is opened. Aren't you surprised!? And sorry father, but that jerky I'm keeping for myself. It's precious stuff. I have only gotten your two dearelder letters so far and I haven't recieved the email if you did send me one on this.
Next is Grandma: You're letter was so cute. Thank you for writing me. I do forgive you for not being able to be at my setting apart but it would of been cool to have you there. No worries. Those books you were telling me about would be awesome to have, I'd love them.
Allie: I kinda love the little tradition you have started. My mother has a list of goodies that you can send if you want. I can't think of them at the top of my head, just ask my mom :) Good luck with the marathon as well, you're going to do great, I know it! Say a prayer before.
Aunt Karen: I hope by now Chris has contacted you. He said his p-day was Thursday so I'm sure you have. Thank you for the support! I love how 3 of the cousins are all out at the same time. What a wonderful blessing it is for all of the families. I see Elder Stevens a lot and I love it. It's always good to see someone you know.
Jody: I know I sent you a letter back but the temple dedication was awesome. I don't know if I've written you back and told you that but it was amazing. The spirit in the MTC was so strong when we all stood up to sing The Spirit of God and I actually got a little teary eyed. I'm so happy Grant loves the church songs, because I have fallen more in love with them. They are wonderful!
And lastly Mom (I'll write a section to everyone after this): Sister Green is from the Richmond area, Colonial Heights I believe it is. She is so awesome. I love her so much. I'm definitely getting used to Sister, but it still is strange sometimes. But i'll get used to it. We can only go to the temple on our P-day which is today. And I was saying that Sister Roper just did her own batch of laundry while all of us combined ours. The rule for the emailing is I can only email families and hand write friends but anyone can dearelder me. I see Elder Stevens a lot and also Elder (Jared) Taylor. It's so great to see people I know here. I love it. I loved the temple dedication like I told Jody, it was once in a lifetime here at the MTC. And stop crying. I'm doing fine, I promise. I really haven't broken down and started crying yet. (Except in my bed at night, but I just had the sniffles :) )
As for everyone: SISTER TAYLOR HAS GOTTEN HER FLIGHT PLANS!!! It's crazy to think that I just got here a week in a half ago but I already have my flight to leave to New Jersey. I'm so pumped but really going to miss the MTC. I have made some pretty awesome friends. I will be leaving a week from today (October 1st, Happy Birthday Natalie Gibbs!) on October 8th. Time flights when you're having fun and serving the Lord. To answer everyone's question, my companion Sister Roper is going to New Jersey with me along with 14 others. The food hasn't been to bad, I've had the wraps quite a bit and they are delicious. As for this past week, it has been so good. I love it here. We've had some great devotionals with great Speakers, and mission conferences. We've had class and have such great teachers, Brother Pack and Brother Terry. They have been great! I have met some pretty great missionaries and will definitely miss them. Yesterday we got to go on a temple walk and it's so nice to get out and spend a few mintues at the temple with all the missionaries. We took some pretty great pictures. When I get to New Jersey I will send pictures, and once I get my cord. The temple is an incredible place. It is the House of the Lord and I know that to be true. I can't wait to show everyone all the pictrures, because if you know me I love taking pictures. I'm kinda crazy too when it comes to them so there's some good ones. Waking up is okay for me, it sometimes has been a little tough but it's going well. I kinda succombed to buying more clothes. There's a place here that had skirts and shirts and I bought a new outfit. But it's good because it's a little heavier grey long skirt and a cute red top.
Gym time is such a fun time as you all know I would say. And you better believe I've been playing with the Elders. It's so much fun! The thing is, is if a sister plays another sister has to play because we can't guard the Elders. Mother, if you remember when I went and got my own endowment out there was a Sister that said she came in the same day as me right!? Well, funny enough I played against her in high school, she went to Northridge and I totally remember playing against her but didn't recognize her in the temple. Well, we have the same gym time and we play with the Elders. Her name is Sister Robinson. She's sooo cool! It's kinda funny to play with the Elders because in all honestly they really don't want to play with us. And I really don't want to boast, but I have made some pretty lucky shots. The Elders are stunned and its so funny to see their reaction. But that's all I'm going to say, is it's fun and I've made some pretty cool shots. They're cool.
Just to end, I know I've told you a lot about the MTC. But now I just want to share my testimony about the Gospel. Being here in the MTC, I've learned so much about my Savior and about how much he loves me. And he loves all of you. I know that to be true. We had testimony meeting yesterday and I bore my testimony, I know that the Church was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and I know he went into the grove of trees and saw God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. I know that if we play earnestly and really want to know the truth of something we can talk to God and he will answer your prayers. I know Jesus Christ died for my sins and that I can repent and live with him again. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to share my testimony with the people of New Jersey and my Heavenly Father is preparing people for me to hear these words. I love my family, you guys truly are amazing. I've taken a lot of things for granted in my life. But I just wanted to thank you for all your support! I know this Church is true and I know this is where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and if we reallly read and want to know if it is true, we will find the answer! Next week, this girl will be in New Jersey, serving the Lord. I can't wait and I'm so excited! I love you guys sooooo much!
--Seester Taylor

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