Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We hadn't heard from Christine since before the hurricane hit the east coast.  We finally got an email yesterday mass mailed from someone letting us know all the missionaries were ok and staying inside for a couple of days.  We knew all along Christine was fine but have wanted to hear from her.  We still haven't heard directly from her but I had recieved a picture and note from a family out there that had Christine and her companion to dinner a week ago.  I thought I would reach out to her to see what I could find out.  She told me earlier today in a email, that all missionaires were safe and accounted for.  This evening I got another email from her stating that the missionaires had stopped by the house to get instuction from her husband who is the emergency specialist in the ward and she snapped this picture and sent it.  I so appreciate her doing this.  It's so good to see Christine and see she's fine.  I knew she'd be thriving in the opportunity to serve after this tradgedy.  Does it look like she's enjoying herself?

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