Sunday, October 28, 2012

Letter from Oct 22, 2012

The work has been so great. It's been a wee bit frustrating but I'm getting it done. I love the gospel and am falling more in love with it everyday (Kinda like Kimber and Sam), haha I have to put those cheesy things in there sometimes. We had a lot of dinner appointments with members this week which was fabulous. The Berhmann's, that you got the pictures from were on Monday, cute family. The next day we had dinner at the Young's. They were a young cute couple with a little 18 month old girl. We had some great pasta and salad. They're awesome. Tuesday was district meeting and we were talking about companion unity so we had a three legged race against all of us in the district. Our district leader didn't think Sister Dicou and I were going to win, but we DID! and it was awesome. We got pokemon cards for winning. Our zone went out to Fuddruckers after and it was the first time I've been and it was so good. The next day was our zone conference. And that was so much fun. We had some great talks from President and Sister Jeppson, they sang for us and it was so much fun.

                Thursday is walking day. It always so nice to get out and walk once a week. Thursday are good because we have set appointments everything Thursday. We go and teach two recent converts and a member that is in a hospital. It's so awesome to see the Light of Christ in their lives and the power of the Holy Ghost testifying to them the truthfulness of the gospel. We had a relief society activity that night about how to organize our home which was a great lesson for us. Sister Dicou and I learned some great tips for when we return home.               

                Friday was RAINY!!!! It was pouring down pretty hard. But it was great. They have a resturant out here called Friendly's that is really good we went to. We actually went there two days in a row. :/ But it is yummy! Friday was really cool and I got to experience being guided by the spirit completely in a lesson. Sister Dicou has had a name in her mind for a while and we finally had time to get to go see him. We got to his place and caught him just as he was going out to smoke. He had had 5 baptismal dates but hasn't kept them. We got there and got to know him for a little and then the scripture Ether 12:27 popped into my head. It worked perfectly to what he was telling us, right after that Sister Dicou took over and said she kept getting this prompting to invite him to baptism. So she did. He was a little hestitant but accepted to be baptized again. Yesterday our plans fell through and we weren't able to see him when we had planned but it was so cool after we left to talk about how we felt and how the spirit really guided us through that little lesson. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to change people's lives and be guided by the spirit in those ways. I know God lives and is there for us, praying for help will help you find answers to your problems.  

                Saturday was awesome. We actually got to help priests and laurels who are looking to go on their missions soon. It was kinda intimidating becuase I have just barely got out here but it was a strengthening experience. I got to sit one on one with a girl and help her understand the gospel a little bit more. We had a good time and it strengthened my testimony about what I know. It's scary going out and talking to people but with the spirit by my side I can do anything and I just have to remember that. They had President Jeppson come and speak to them and he is such a spiritual giant. I look up to him a lot. We went out to eat again to a diner that has some good food. I'm excited to come back here after my mission and show you guys all around the areas I served. I'm so excited!

                Sunday was good. It was church. I've gained a stronger testimony of church attendance and the sacrament. The talks and lessons were fabulous. After church we did our studies and then we wanted to go see if an investigator was home that Sister Dicou had been trying to contact. And she was. She has a cute little girl and I connected with them so quickly. I feel like I was supposed to meet this lady and her little girl and I can really help them so that was fantastic. 
                I know this church is true. I'm grateful for this opportunity I have to spread the gospel. It has already blessed my life so much. Tell Melissa to write me. She can email me to. I'd like to hear from her and I'd like some pictures of the babies if you could.

Time for more gym time and basketball! Love you all and am so grateful for your prayers. May the Lord be with you always. Mosiah 2:41 

Sister Taylor

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