Thursday, October 11, 2012

News from NJ

Mother oh mother! I did get your message and Sister and President Jeppson are letting us right a quick letter to you guys. I also wrote a letter so you'll probably be getting a surplus of stuff from me. I hope that's okay. Actually I know it is. The flight was amazing! I sat in between a sweet couple and placed a Book of Mormon. Kimber would be proud! I explained it more in my letter but they were asking all these questions about it and so I was answering all of them. It was amazing! They asked exacltly what the Book of Mormon is so what a better chance than to give him the extra one I had and talk to him about it. I also got there address so I'm going to be asking them how there reading is going. Who knows what'll happen but I've opened them up to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so 'right' here. As we were driving down the street I got confirmation that this is where I'm supposed to be. There are a lot of black people and I know that I'll be able to relate to them because of my experiences down in Taft and such. I'm so grateful for this gospel. I'm so grateful for Christ in my life. I need to get a picture of him so I can set him right by the picture of the family and remember what is most important to me. I love this gospel and can't wait to be fully emersed in it. What an amazing work this is! I know Christ lives and Heavenly Father answers our prayers. Continue to pray to him with a sincere heart and he will answer you. Pray for me for the ability to listen and be guided by the promptings of the spirit. I love each and every one of you so much, Dad Mom Brad Elly Tacy Kimber (Samuel) Jody Eric Grant Melissa and Barry. Your support is amazing to me. I can't wait to start teaching these people of New Jersey. This is where I'm supposed to me.

One more quick story as we got here we went to downtown Newark and went and did street contacting with veteran missionaries. It was crazy but felt so good to start somewhere. I froze a couple places and did know what to say but the companion I had for that little time helped me out so much. We met a young kid that plays basketball at a very prestigous university and I related to him. He said "he was a baller" and I said "hey me too!" It was pretty funny. We talked and gave him a Book of Mormon and I really hope he reads it. It was such a new and great experience to get out there and start street contacting. I can't wait to meet my companion tomorrow and start the work of the Lord. You guys are awesome! Love you so much!


Sister Christine Taylor
We have not receved Sister Taylor's physical address yet but when we do, I will post it on the blog.  Send all packages to the mission home address that is on one of the first blog posts.  Some treats Sister Taylor likes are....beef jerky, mamba's, fruit snacks, cashews-nuts, popcorn, sour worms, suckers, gum, skittles, starbursts, crackers, mints, sour patch watermelons. 
Thank you for all your support!

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