Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Perm What?????

Well I guess you can now call me Sister "Curly" Taylor. :) Got my hair permed and I love it! It's going to be fun and crazy thing is it'll still be probs slightly wavy when I get home! Ahhh. But that's exciting. It reminds me of when I took my hair out of the braids. Now, Sister Maclay and I both have the curly hair...people better watch out!

So it has been one of the best weeks we've had!!! We were able to find 6 new investigators and teach the gospel so plainly and powerfully, it just keeps getting better and better! Holla! And honestly sometimes I think why is God blessing us so much but it's because He's hastening the work and things are happening here!

I just can't express how much I love missionary work, when you're out doing work it just makes you so happy. And I've seen that so much..at certain times when I see I've been slacking off I'm not way happy but when I am out after we talk to someone it's just better. Tuesday after emails was such a bomb day! We went and picked up our team up for the day, Andrea Servil. (Mom who you got the picture from) She's our age and SO AWESOME! We went and visited people in Linden and found and taught some great lessons. We went over to Hana's house (the cute little 4 year old) and gave her a picture Book of Mormon and her mother a Book of Mormon in Czech. We read the intro with her and she said she'd begin reading it! Hana is so cute and wanted me to read her the Book but we were talking to her mom. Hopefully we can meet with her again. We went by on Sunday and her mother just said hi to us so we talked to Hana. We're hopin and prayin :) After we went and tried another potential investigator but found his granddaughters who we picked up a couple weeks ago. We gave them each a Book of Mormon and testified of it and invited them to begin reading it. They said they would! Then we had another great lesson with a husband and wife, it was just an all around great day! :) And Andrea did such a good job testifying of the truths of the Book of Mormon. She wants to come out to General Conference when I'm home so we'll see!

We were able to visit more less actives and on Friday were able to meet with the referral we received earlier in the week and I must say he is PREPARED! We taught the Restoration and he accepted a soft baptismal invite and said he'd read and pray about the Book of Mormon, on Saturday we asked how it went and he said he read but didn't pray but he said he would we told him to keep up the great work and he said "you just motivated me to get up and go do something." It's so cool to know that just by words and the spirit we can help these people. Because we truly are instruments for our Heavenly Father and that's incredible!

Saturday night was really cool too! We went to go check up on a member on the ward list and got to the house in Westfield (BEAUTIFUL houses, all of the families sit out on their front porch) and saw the family outside and those are the most awkward for me. But we walked up and asked if the member lived there. They said she didn't anymore and I asked if they knew her address and they did. So the lady asked why and we told her we were missionaries from her church and just was checking up on her. She proceeded to find her address and give it to her and it was completely awkward because we didn't know what to say. So they started asking questions about us as missionaries and I finally said "so we go around teaching people about Jesus Christ. Do you want to know more about our church" (thinking they were going to say no...where's my faith!?) She said "sure I would." It caught us by surprise but we got her information and she said after school started and everything we could come and teach her more! It was really cool and so exciting! That made both Mac and I so happy! :)

Church was great and the week was just amazing. Hopefully this week will be great. It's the last week of the transfer already and I can't believe it! We're getting some more sisters in so one of us could be training...who knows!? I'll let you know next week what's going on with that! But I hope you all have a great week. And CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa and Barry again! I'm so happy for them! I love you all!



Sister Tay Tay

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