Sunday, September 29, 2013

up down up down

Well this week definitely didn't turn out the way we thought it was going to. We thought we were going to have a baptism yesterday, Mark, but we met with him last Monday and he felt a little pressured and didn't feel he was ready. But for some reason, it didn't get me down. We had a great lesson with him yesterday and re-boosted him. The Elders in our area came and we talked about the priesthood and cleared up any questions he had. We talked about Alma 32 and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I've had. It was really great. Prior to that on Saturday we had him read Alma 32. Later that evening we asked him how it went and he said reading is good. He said "it said not to back away from baptism" and we asked what he thought about that and he said he wasn't ready but we are having him pray about October 13th for his baptism. I know God will answer his prayer and he will be baptized. He mentioned he wanted all four of us to be there for his baptism and he told him that was the last week all of us will be here because of transfers. So pray hard for Mark. He's an incredible son of God. :)


Other than that we've had some GREAT miracles happen this week: After meeting with Mark on Monday we went to a less-active ladies house. Her husband was there and previously he didn't want to sit in on any lessons, but Sister Maclay and I both asked him to sit in on the lesson, so he did. We talked about prophets and started teaching the kids. We showed them a picture of President Monson and their dad asked to see it as well. We talked about how important prophets are and all that and then played telephone with the family. We had the kids whisper in our ear and the dad say the ending phrase. It was really great and really fun. I got a little impression in my head to ask him to be baptized. So we were talking and I started asking him the question and his little daughter interrupted so after she was done I looked at him and said "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" He said "yes, I will, but I'm a hard guy to work with." We said that's fine. :) We didn't set him with a date but it was truly a miracle to see the spirit work through us as missionaries. He knows Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and we're really excited to start teaching him.

We had some great opportunities to do service for a less active lady. We hit her with the spirit when we shared Mosiah 24: 10-15. Tears were coming from her eyes after we were done teaching her. We can tell she misses the church. She just won't come unless we ask her husband (who's not a member) to come. We organized her food storage and my OCD came in handy. :)

We also got to watch the young women's talent show which was great. There are so incredible young women in our ward. They combine with the first ward so it was really great to meet more of the young women. I showed them my juggling skills but that was it. We had a few great days of teaching this week where we were out working all day. It has been nice to have full schedules and out working to keep my mind focused. Because, I did hit my year mark on Thursday which is absolutely bonkers to me. I wasn't feeling so hot on Thursday so it was a little slower day. We walked and got ice cream and also burned a skirt for my year mark. That was fun.

We had the priviledge to go to Liberty Island again to help and serve there. I ran into two mormon families. That's always fun. Insta-connection. We went with Sister Bair and Sister Robison again. Those girls are great! I love em! We had a great dinner with a member family on Friday night, we had haystacks. Yummy. Then we went to Grandma Joyce's house and she fed us Sister Maclay took some of mine because I was kinda gagging it down.

I have a new found love for tennis. We got to play with a less active on Saturday and boy do I love it. That was fun but it has left me sore. But i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

This Sunday we'll have a baptism of the 7 year old, Mary Ann, we've been teaching. She's crazy but ready to be baptized. Hopefully it'll calm her down a little bit. :) Saturday night after her lesson we went and found 3 new investigators, potentially their parents as well. We went and talked to them and they all wanted a Book of Mormon and we're going back to meet with their family on Wednesday. They seem great and I'm excited for them.

The Elders had a baptism yesterday which was a really great baptism. It was a young women and you could see her blossom since her first coming to church. She's great. Church was kinda of hectic but it was still great. Like I mentioned we went and taught Mark again and got him back on track. This week has been up and down.

I'm grateful for my testimony I have to be able to share it with those around me. I'm grateful to be out here in New Jersey and can't believe how fast time is flying. I'm ready to push these last few months and give it everything I've got. I love all of you and am so grateful for your support! Thank you so much!


Have a great week! Talk to you next week!



Sister Taylor


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