Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Another" Awesome Week

Lets start off my saying CONGRATULATIONS TO MELISSA AND BARRY!! I've truly been thinking of them today and this morning thinking, "now they're in the endowment session", "now they're probably sealed" and awh it just makes me so happy! I can't express how much I love hearing them get to the temple and be sealed. I hope it was a truly remarkable experience for the both of them and I love them both so much. I'm excited to be able to go together as a whole family when I get back....
So yeah, I just blew past my 11 month mark yesterday! Uhmm....what? I can't believe how much time has flown by. It's weird to think I've been out this long but it's awesome! I love my mission and will cherish the time I've been able to spend out here serving the people of New Jersey. My heart is with the people of New Jersey. We had a few couple of slower days because Sister Maclay was a little sick but we were able to visit some people and get to know them better. It was Sister Mac's birthday on Tuesday so we had cake cake and more CAKE. And by the end of the night we were both feeling sick from all the food so we headed home before "you know what" came. But seriously it was a lot of cake. It was a nice day though. I was still feeling a little sick the next day but all is well. Sister Mac was feeling sick like I said but we still went to interviews. I had a great interview with President. I love President and Sister Jeppson so much. I'm excited to see what happens this upcoming transfer because we're supposed to get another 18 sisters or so coming in but not sure when and how many at one time. It'll be interesting to see how everything pans out. I'll keep you updated! I can't believe it's the 5 week of the transfer already! I have no clue where time has gone. But we've been able to meet some of the ward and still have a LONG ways to go. But we keep working and trying to meet the less actives. We finished out map of the area and got that up on the wall and everything so we're finally settled in I believe. Now just have to figure out what direction I'm going and I'm all good!
Thursday we did weekly planning and then went to our appointment. It was with the Gonzolez family and we were planning on doing the teabag object lesson. We were teaching the lesson and time came to light the teabag...I was having Smac be the one to hold it. I lit it and it started to go down and then the teabag started to fall. We were all freaking out a little but Mac held it and then it floated up into the air. It was scary but she had SO much faith that it worked out. That was my little experience from the week. Other than that it was a lot of trying to meet less actives and find new investigators. Unfortunately one of our investigators that had a baptismal date dropped us. :( I think the family got to him.. :/ but we brushed it off and are searching for the one who are prepared because I know they're here. :)
Sunday was great! We had a couple of awesome street contacts in which both were in tears as we were testifying of the gospel. We got one to commit to come to church which was great and hopefully he'll be there! I love teaching the gospel. I was pondering today what makes me happy? And as I was thinking, before my mission I probably would've said basketball, sports, hanging out with friends...but as I've been out here. Teaching the gospel truly makes me happy. After we were done and prayed with both those individuals I was so happy and wanted to go and talk to another about the gospel. It's truly blessed my life so much and I'm such a different person than I was before. It's amazing!
Yesterday we had a Sisters Party in Morristown with ALL of the sisters in the mission. We did yoga and it was great to be with all of them again. It was good to see some familiar faces again. We got home and ordered pizza because of my month mark and got a knock on the door. It was our up-stairs neighbor. She talked to us and it was really good to get to know her better. She's awesome and reminds me a lot of some of my coaches I've had back in high school and college. She's def an athlete and is the head coach for volleyball in New Brunswick. She hooked us up with some shorts and t-shirts! Totes awesome! :)
Well, I was able to finish the Book of Mormon again this past week and I'm here to tell you....IT'S TRUE! I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon in my life and the difference it's made in my life. I hope all of you are reading and feasting on it everyday. It's really amazing! I love you all. Again, Congrats to MELISSA AND BARRY! I'm so happy for them and wish them all the best! Awhhh.. The church is true! I love it so much. Hope you all have a fantastic week! :) Peace and blessings.
Sister Taylor

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