Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Lord is Hastening His work.

Another fantastic week here in Scotch Plains 2 North! My goodness, God has been so good to Mac and I. We were able to help our investigator, Mark, progress even more and he's so ready for his baptism...More about him later. As you know we didn't go to transfers, it was a big transfer conference with a lot of changes but Mac and I are happy to still be here. There's definitely people who need us here. Elder Packer (from Kerrybrook) came in. Of course, I didn't see him but when I do, I'll go up and say hello. I wonder if he knows who I am still. I think I babysat him, or at least his little siblings once haha. That's 5 missionaries I believe from Kaysville now! Represent! Sister Mo told me that in the November transfer, there's a possibility of adding another zone with seven new areas. We only got one English sister in this transfer but President said we'll be getting at least 18 more so I'm guessing these upcoming transfers we'll be getting them. We'll see though!


So after emails last week we went and tried people, no much luck. We went and got ice cream and went over to Mark's early to eat the ice cream we got with him. It was a great time to just be able to talk to him and answer any additional questions he had. We were having a member come over and he was a little late but he got there and we had a great lesson talking about the Gospel with him. We showed him the teabag analogy and he really enjoyed it. He's grasping everything so well. He's the most prepared person I've ever met. He's keeping his commitments and doing everything he should be to feel the spirit in his life. And he's portrayed that to us that he feels so much better about himself. On Friday we had another lesson with him. And boy that was GREAT! He bore us his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He said "I just feel more confident when I hold the Book. And it's not just a story. I know these things happened" MAN! From just a few weeks and he has a great testimony of the Book of Mormon and it'll only grow stronger. I love him so much!


Wednesday was a long day of trying formers, less actives and members. We were able to meet a few people we haven't met yet so that was great. We went to go visit a former and got on to the street he lived on and walked to his home. We passed by a young women and I was prompted to talk to her but we tried the former first. As we were walking back to the car I told Mac we should stop and talk to her and I'm grateful we did. I connected quickly with her. She's kinda shy but so cool. I asked her if she liked to play sports and of course, basketball, it was. We shared the Book of Mormon with her and got an appointment to go back and see her. I'm excited to begin teaching her. We met some more less actives before heading to a lesson. We talked about the plan of salvation. I've been able to see my testimony of the Plan of Salvation strengthen so much since being out here. Not just in that, but all the aspects of the gospel. I know now what the gospel means to me in my life and I'm truly GRATEFUL for it. I know it's the only way to live to return and live with our Heavenly Father. And my mission is where I've seen that come about. I'm truly so happy for this opportunity I've had.


Thursday we had zone meeting. There were quite a few changes in our zone so it's exciting to be able to meet new people. We have a new zone leader as well. Our monthly focus is on love and I'm pumped about it. It's going to be great. We went to Panda express for lunch. And I will take every fortune cookie serious for the rest of my life since getting my answer to come out here. It said "People find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner" I'll take that as a good thing. :) We weekly planned and went and had a great lesson with the Gonzolez Family on the Holy Ghost and did an object lesson they LOVED! I love teaching kids. It's great because they have so many questions and so happy and eager to learn.


We had the opportunity to go to Liberty Island with Sister Robison and Sister Bair. They are both way awesome! I love having the opportunity to go to Liberty. It's really fun to be able to help people all around the world. That night we had a great lesson with Mark, where he testified of the Book of Mormon and then as we were leaving we met his neighbor and he testified to him as well about it. It was SO RAD!


Saturday was another great day of work and Sunday was awesome! We had Mark there again and he's walking more confident than before. He's so prepared to get baptized and I'm so lucky and grateful I met him. He's so awesome! I can't wait to send pictures of him. He reminds Mac and I of the Blindside movie. Like he's our protector! Awhh so great!


We have another great week planned. I'm so grateful for being able to feel the spirit everyday of my life. It's been so cool to see the growth in everyone we're working with. We had a great lesson with a member family and their neighbor. Like I said in the subject. The Lord is hastening his work and I'm so lucky to be out here while He's doing that. General conference is coming up and I can't wait for that! I hit my 11 month mark in NJ yesterday and coming quickly up on my YEAR MARK! Crazy crazy crazy. But so cool. I love being a missionary. Thanks for all your support! I love you all. Hope you have a great week!



Sister Tay Tay

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